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Only held once every four years and for the first time in Stuttgart: IKA/Culinary Olympics ensures an international and Olympic trade fair experience

The IKA/Culinary Olympics (14 to 19 February 2020) will coincide with INTERGASTRA, the leading trade fair for the hotel and gastronomy business (15 to 19 February 2020), for the first time at Messe Stuttgart. The IKA/Culinary Olympics is the world's oldest and largest exhibition of culinary art and is organised by the Association of German Chefs. In the Olympic year 2020, international teams of chefs will compete over four days for medals in Stuttgart under the motto #takingpartiseverything. On four trade fair days INTERGASTRA visitors will have the opportunity to watch more than 2,000 chefs from over 70 countries live as they cook, to cheer them on as they prepare around 8,000 international menus, and then to enjoy the top-quality dishes from around the world. Anyone who wants to not only visit the Olympic event, but also experience the culinary delights, can secure a menu ticket in October (, e.g. for a tasty lunch or a multiple-course dinner.

The offering at the IKA/Culinary Olympics is varied and offers many choices with the purchase of a ticket. Upon purchase the visitors can decide on their national team, a menu of five competitions, as well as the competition day. International teams of chefs compete in the four categories - National Teams, Youth National Teams, Community Catering Teams, as well as Military Teams.

They compete in a total of five competitions: The three-course menu of the Youth National Teams in the competition Restaurant of Nations is recommended for the midday business meeting. In the competition Restaurant of Community Catering the Community Catering Teams and the Military Teams show what communal food looks like around the world. Their menus are perfect for a short break - thanks to the self-service facility, these menu variants also offer flexibility when planning lunch.

The National Teams also prove themselves in the competition Restaurant of Nations with the best three-course evening menu. In this competition it is recommended to purchase menu tickets for different teams; this way you can experience the international variety. Towards the end of the day the National Teams also compete in the Chef’s Table* with the preparation of a seven-course menu. Visitors with a ticket for the Chef’s Table sit directly at the cooking pits and are treated to an aperitif. While at the IKA Buffet the Youth National Teams conjure up national delicacies for a four-course buffet and round off the evening programme at the IKA/Culinary Olympics.

The international regional teams impress in the Culinary and Pastry Art exhibitions with the great art of finger food, the fancy desserts and the festive dishes – as do the numerous individual exhibitors in the Entrance East who conjure up delicate and beautiful creations from vegetables, fruit, cheese, sugar or chocolate.

The road to the medals
As soon as the Olympic flame has been lit, the participants in the IKA/Culinary Olympics have only one objective: to gain as many points as possible. On the four competition days from 15 – 18 February 2020, gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in every competition based on the number of points. At the final award ceremony the total number of points will decide who will be the Olympic champion.

Teams and menus at a glance
The Community Catering Teams and the Military Teams demonstrate their skills in the Restaurant of Community Catering. The lunch includes a meal and a non-alcoholic beverage for 25 euros per person.

The Youth National Teams compete in the competitions Restaurant of Nations and IKA Buffet for the highest number of points. The Three-Course Lunch (Restaurant of Nations) costs 49 euros per person and the selection at the evening Four-Course Buffet (IKA Buffet) including an aperitif is 449 euros and is designed for five people per ticket.

The National Teams battle it out in the competitions Restaurant of Nations and Chef’s Table*. The Three-Course Menu (Restaurant of Nations) costs 89 euros per person, the Seven-Course Menu (Chef’s Table) including aperitif costs 625 euros and is designed for five people per ticket.

The Regional Teams impress with creations in the competitions Culinary and Pastry Art and the individual exhibitors combine craftsmanship with creativity and flair.

Overview of the teams, menus, meals, schedule for the competitions and getting there: 

Allergens and special diets (e.g. vegetarian, kosher, halal) are listed on-site and can be examined.
* Chef’s Table: Guests without a ticket for the Chef’s Table will not be able to watch the national teams in the live cookery demonstration from 6 pm due to the preparation for this competition.

IG_20_PM07_001.jpg: In the 2020 Olympic year international teams of chefs fight for victory in Stuttgart over four days. The total number of points decides who stands on the winner's podium.
Photo credit: VKD/IKA/Culinary Olympics

IG_20_PM07_002.jpg: Watch the culinary masters at work at the 25th IKA/Culinary Olympics
Photo credit: VKD/IKA/Culinary Olympics

IG_20_PM07_003.jpg: The competition lives from the enthusiasm not only directly on site, but also in social networks. Under #dabeiseinistalles, #takingpartiseverything, #intergastra2020 and #ika2020 visitors, fans and teams share their best moments online.
Photo credit: VKD/IKA/Culinary Olympics

About the IKA/Culinary Olympics
The IKA/Culinary Olympics, the oldest and largest international culinary exhibition, will be taking place for the first time as part of INTERGASTRA 2020 in Stuttgart. Around 2,000 chefs and patissiers from more than 70 countries will compete against one another, showcasing their culinary creations. It is a fair contest that has given rise to new culinary trends for more than 100 years. 2020 will be the 25th time the German Association of Chefs has organised this international team event.

About the German Chefs' Association
The German Chefs' Association (Verband der Köche Deutschlands e. V.), as sponsor of the IKA/Culinary Olympics, is organising the competition. With around 9,000 members, the German Chefs' Association is the largest association of chefs in Germany. This community is the basis for the professional development of its members and for the future of the profession. The German Chefs' Association shares
a passion for cooking and all things associated with a culinary career. It is a point of contact for all culinary-related topics and supports its members in all professional aspects.

INTERGASTRA in Stuttgart is the leading trade fair for hotels and gastronomy business. Over 1.400 national and international exhibitors presented their wide range of offers in the areas of kitchen systems, food, ambience and equipment for hotels and gastronomy, services, beverages and coffee at INTERGASTRA 2020. On a surface area of over 115,000 m², around 100,000 visitors from over 70 countries obtain information on the latest products, trends and pioneering ideas. INTERGASTRA regularly takes place at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre in combination with GELATISSIMO, the largest trade fair for the artisanal production of gelato north of the Alps.
From 15 - 19 February 2020, INTERGASTRA will start the Olympic year in accordance with the Olympic motto #takingpartiseverything, and, with the IKA/Culinary Olympics, the oldest and biggest international cookery exhibition, will celebrate a fantastic premiere at the highest level. In Stuttgart, around 2000 cooks and patissiers from around the world will then, with their culinary creations, compete and present the nutritional trends of the future.

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