INTERGASTRA says Thank you!

... to more than 1,300 exhibitors

... for presenting the hottest trends in the industry and showcasing innovative products and pioneering concepts for the hotel and gastronomy business.

... around 88,000 visitors

.... for their enthusiasm and interest in brand-new products and trend-setting ideas and their active participation in the large number of workshops and events.

... to the many participants

... to the speakers, partners, association representatives and journalists for their support, their inspiring thoughts and their captivating performances at conferences and events.

... to the IKA Culinary Olympics

... to more than 1,200 chefs, patissiers, food artists and live carvers from more than 55 nations who gave their best on four competition days and created unforgettable culinary highlights.

Exhibitor statements INTERGASTRA

  • "INTERGASTRA was very well-attended and showed that the vending industry can develop new markets and is becoming a new focal point. In particular, contacts with restaurateurs and hotel operators are opening up exciting opportunities for the vending industry. We are enthusiastic about the opportunities arising from the new markets and are looking forward to exploring and extending these new opportunities." 

    Dr. Aris Kaschefi, Managing Director, Federal Association of the German Vending Machine Industry (BDV)

  • "We always regard the Culinary Olympics at INTERGASTRA as a mega event in which we learn a great deal from the chefs. Especially as a feedback event, Intergastra is a top trade fair since we build brand and customer loyalty here on a long-term basis and throughout the world. On the whole, we are satisfied. That's also applies to our German team."

    Sven Bodry, Managing Director, RAK Porcelain Europe S.A.

  • "INTERGASTRA is a perfect platform for us to meet customers and business partners. There were large crowds on our stand since we again presented an absolute world innovation: crockery washing and cutlery polishing with just one dishwasher. This provides users with real value-added. We were able to demonstrate this in an impressive way during our live presentations. The visitors were also impressed by our new automation component in the semi-automatic flight-type dishwasher autoLINE, which we also presented in a live setting. We actually received some orders during the trade fair. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of Intergastra and are already looking forward to the next event."

    Elke Vollmer, Manager International Marketing & Communication, Hobart GmbH

  • "INTERGASTRA 2024 was a home game for our company, but also a première because we exhibited here for the first time. We are strongly associated with the region and wanted to present our company to local hotels and restaurants. It was an informal industry meeting which almost felt like the old days again after the long break. We received a large number of inquiries, also from Bavaria, and managed to initiate some fantastic projects. All this would not have come about without our attendance at the trade fair."

    Stephanie Pulwer, Key Accountant Project Business, Duravit AG

  • "We used INTERGASTRA as a presentation area. The trade fair worked really well since it attracted large numbers of trade visitors. In addition to regular customers who visited our stand, we reached many prospective customers who represented around one quarter of all contacts. That's very impressive in view of the existing level of awareness of our brands. It was a good trade fair and we are certainly satisfied."

    Albert Höflinger, Head of Gastronomy Services, Paulaner Brauerei Gruppe GmbH & Co. KGaA

  • "On the whole, we are satisfied with our attendance at INTERGASTRA: there was a willingness to conclude business transactions at the trade fair and we are also looking forward to business after the event. INTERGASTRA is an important platform for our company as it is now very international. On our stand we met first-rate visitors from Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and France. Decision-makers were present, the contacts functioned well and we attained our trade fair objectives!"

    Heiko Reinhart, Sales Manager, Rex-Royal Kaffeemaschinen GmbH

  • "During INTERGASTRA we conducted a large number of positive discussions in which we saw a great deal of interest in our products. In particular, we received encouragement from decision-makers in the gastronomy and catering sectors who were looking for solutions for specific problems. In addition to the large number of request quotations and appointments, we were also pleased with the great deal of positive feedback, something that is always very important to our company. We are very satisfied!"

    Stefan Stüwer, Managing Director, Stüwer GmbH & Co. KG

  • "After taking part in SÜFFA and südback, we exhibited for the first time at INTERGASTRA. We are extremely satisfied. On the whole, we encountered a great deal of interest. The trade fair went very well. INTERGASTRA attracted large numbers of knowledgeable visitors. We even directly concluded some business transactions here at the trade fair. This is rare in our industry and shows that good preliminary work pays off. Our 3-D visualisation also went down very well here."

    Michael Keck, Managing Director, bfm Ladenbau GmbH

  • "We are extremely satisfied with our première at Intergastra. We have no complaints. In particular, new customer acquisition was very successful. Our business in the region will therefore develop positively. We made a large number of highly promising contacts and held many positive discussions concerning specific solutions. There is a clear trend towards automation. That is precisely the reason why we are using our network to combine different areas such as care catering and vending."

    Ralf Mohaupt, National Key Account Manager, EGV Lebensmittel für Großverbraucher AG

  • "We exhibited for the first time at INTERGASTRA. There was an enormous amount of activity at times. The quality of the visitors and the discussions was excellent. The hoteliers and managing directors were glad to have everything explained to them. We also managed to generate some highly promising leads. That's precisely the reason why we participated in the trade fair. I am expecting good business after the event and am very satisfied!"

    Gerhard Wasem, Managing Director, MiceRate - Black Envelope GmbH

  • "We met first-rate visitors at GELATISSIMO. We reached all our customers, including those from outside Baden-Württemberg, and forged many new contacts. Our set topics – for example mango as the gelato of the year – were a complete success. We also saw high demand for vegan products. We are very satisfied with the outcome of the trade fair!"

    Johannes Roiner, Management, G. Fabbri Deutschland GmbH

Here you can find the final report of INTERGASTRA 2024.

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