Programme 2018

Future Talk 
  • Maja Wallengreen (Mexico) [Sustainability, CSR, prospects for world coffee production]

  • Christof Feichtinger [Fairtrade, Direct Trade and Certificates]

  • Climate change - Impact on the coffee market, Trends and developments on the German coffee market

(Meet the farmer – The coffee market from the perspective of coffee producers) 
  • Andrés Quintanilla (Finca La Buena Esperanza, El Salvador)

  • Jacob Mammen (Badra Estates, India)

  • Tomas Edelmann (Finca Hamburgo, Mexico)

  • Deepak B.B. Chengappa (Palthope Estate, India)

  • Walter Caesar Dutra, Ednilson Dutra (Fazendas Dutra, Brazil)


LibericaTalk (The forgotten way - with potential)

  • Kenny Lee Wee Ting (Malaysia)

  • Maja Wallengreen (Mexico)

  • Deepak B.B. Chengappa (Palthope Estate, India)

  • Max Fabian (Demus Lab, Italy), Decaffeination & DNA Analytics


RoastersTalk (Innovative roasting houses and concepts worldwide) 
  • Stefan Dachale (Germany/Stuttgart)

  • Axel Deppe (Germany/Bielefeld)

  • Oldrich Holis (Slovakia)

  • Sandra Azevedo (Portugal)


OriginRoastTalk (In the country of origin of roasted coffee)

  • Luis Velez (Amor Perfecto, Columbia)
  • Arturo Hernandez (Barista Champ, Mexiko)
  • Christoph Feichtinger (Feichtinger Kaffee, Guatemala)


 (Innovative coffee bars and coffee concepts worldwide)
  • Danny Pang (Singapore)
  • Jeanne Gennar (Belgium)
  • Carlos Machado (United Kingdom)
  • Axel Deppe (Deutschland)
  • Edgar Bresani (Brasilien)
  • Björn Möller (gourmet coffee, Dänemark)
  • Luis Velez (Amor Perfecto, Kolumbien)
  • Arturo Hernandez (Barista Champ, Mexico)

(Coffee preparation - the next generation)

  • Björn Möller (gourmet coffee, Denmark)
  • Marko BAchmann (eversys, Germany)
  • Rainer Schmid (brita, Germany)
  • Gerald Pannier (reneka, France
  • Nicole Pilz (Bunn, Germany)

(Coffee speciality with potential)

  • Cafétier Swiss,
  • Marco Bachmann (eversys, Germany)
(Innovations from the world of coffee)
  • Christian Steuber (iSi)
  • Raphael Kraus (Pan Pan)
  • Carsten Lange (Eichbaum)
  • Lorenz Eising (Schreinerei Ströbel)


Award for scientific work in the coffee market

According to legend, the Abyssinian goatherd Kaldi discovered the effect of coffee. This story is common throughout the entire coffee sector. Since 2016, the "KaldiAward" has been presented to persons who have made a significant contribution to the better understanding of coffee or to the improvement of coffee through scientific work. The award will be presented by Coffee Consulate. The decision on the winner will be made on the basis of a vote by an international, independent jury.

The prize will be awarded in the following categories:


  • Life's work: To honour the life's work / lifetime achievements of a person in the service of science for coffee
  • Raw coffee (cultivation & processing): To honour special achievements for scientific advancement in the area of raw coffee
  • Roasting: To honour special achievements for scientific advancement in the area of roasting
  • Preparation: To honour special achievements for scientific advancement in the area of coffee preparation