IKA/Culinary Olympics 2020

IKA/Culinary Olympics

Starting in 2020, the world’s culinary summit will take place at the Stuttgart Fairgrounds. The largest exhibition of culinary art in the world will be organised in conjunction with the INTERGASTRA trade show.

The organisers of the event, the German Chefs’ Association (VKD) and the Stuttgart Fairgrounds, are pleased to announce that the 25th edition of the IKA/Culinary Olympics will take a new format, opening its doors at the same time as the INTERGASTRA in Stuttgart.

According to VKD’s President, Andreas Becker, this change of location is a “step into the future”. “Stuttgart offers us the opportunity to present the IKA/Culinary Olympics better on an international level”, he explains. With approximately 100,000 INTERGASTRA visitors, the association will be able to reach a much larger professional audience.

In Stuttgart, over 2,000 chefs from more than 50 nations will participate in the world’s largest culinary competition. The national teams want to present pioneering culinary trends and win culinary Olympic gold medals. The Culinary Olympics offer chefs an ideal platform to showcase their skills. “It also helps to forge a positive image of the culinary profession”, underlines Andreas Becker. Amongst chefs, the IKA/Culinary Olympics are an internationally renowned event.


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