Symposium "Sustainable, plant-based communal food"

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Everyone is now talking about sustainability and climate protection. Canteens, refectories and caterers must take account of these developments and also respond to changed needs of table guests in order to survive on the market. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection (MLR) will stage a symposium entitled "Sustainable, plant-based communal food" from 09.00 to 12.30 on 7 February 2022 during INTERGASTRA in Stuttgart.

Peter Hauk, a member of the Baden-Württemberg State Parliament and the Baden-Württemberg Minister for Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection, will open the symposium which is being held as part of the project "Organic products in communal food in model organic regions". Dr. Silke Lichtenstein (Dr. Rainer Wild Foundation) will describe the importance of sustainable, plant-based catering based on the example of the planetary health diet. Organic mentor Hubert Hohler (Buchinger Clinic on Lake Constance) will then provide an insight into practice. The Baden-Württemberg branch of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) will also present the programme "Taste the South – enjoyment outside the home".