Innovation Prize

INTERGASTRA, the magazine Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung and the DEHOGA association reward with the INNOVATION PRIZE new and innovative ideas in the HoReCa business.

Functional systems, complete facilities, as well as individual components (accessories), designs and services, are permitted as competition entries. The ideas will be evaluated by a top-quality expert jury:

  • the degree of innovation,
  • the unique practical significance, as well as
  • economy, design, functionality and user-friendliness.

These are the innovation prize winners of 2018:

This digital system facilitates paperless hygiene and quality management, and supports continuous documentation in the web-based documentation and evaluation. Users benefit from a faster information flow, automated input options and digital archiving of checklists in the cloud.

This sensor-controlled, multifunctional fitting for contactless dosing of water, soap and disinfectant combines three work processes in a single fitting and is ideal for all hygienic areas such as large kitchens, schools or kindergartens. The best part is that this fitting ensures water savings of around 70 per cent.

This digital guest service system for hotels is available without problem on any end device and provides guests with important information and services in digital form, whereby no initial and follow-up investment in apps and respective hardware is necessary.

With the digital networking solution Connected Cooking one or several Rational or Frima devices can be integrated into a network, centrally controlled and digitally administered. Thus, for example, push messages can be received in real time, device settings transferred and service partners automatically informed upon request.