Innovation Prize

INTERGASTRA, the magazine Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung and the DEHOGA association reward with the INNOVATION PRIZE new and innovative ideas in the HoReCa business.

Winners from the fields of kitchen systems, sustainability, artificial intelligence and "Food for Future" were selected. The jury evaluated the following categories, among others:

  • the degree of innovation
  • the unique practical significance
  • economy, design, functionality and user-friendliness

Interested trade fair visitors can attend the live innovation prize ceremony on 15 February at 11:00 on the DEHOGA stage (Hall 7) and find out about the products. In addition, the winning products will be presented at a special show in the Entrance East of Messe Stuttgart.

These are the innovation prize winners of 2020:

With the InductWarm® battery module, Gastros Switzerland AG has developed an autonomous battery induction hot plate that can be integrated into any mobile food distribution system. It is the first battery-powered induction module of its kind and opens up completely new possibilities in terms of mobility and design flexibility – thanks to invisible technology, there are no unsightly power cables, no water vapour, no open flames and no smell of burning paste. The food is kept warm in a way that preserves its quality and is kept at a constant temperature for up to four hours – with only one charge.


The Cologne-based company KAYA&KATO uses plastic fished from the sea for its "Clean Ocean Line" to produce fashionable, high-quality and durable uniforms for the catering, hotel, food and retail industries.The products consist of a polyester-cotton blend – organic cotton and recycled plastic waste from the sea. This comes primarily from fishermen off the Spanish coast who receive money for the "by-catch plastic" and contribute to cleaning up the seas.


The auvisus GmbH from Karlsruhe has developed an automated payment process for the community gastronomy. The guest places his or her tray under a camera at the checkout, the algorithm recognises the dishes and calculates the bill – quickly and precisely. The solution, which is supported by image recognition, is compatible with existing processes as a plug-in and ideally manages without staff.

The special "Food for Future" prize is awarded to Brento from Herlikofen as a representative of many similar developments. The start-up company produces bread baking mixes and combines high-quality old grain varieties such as ancient grain, einkorn wheat and hemp flour with an insect component: Buffalo worm flour. The judging panel's selection did not focus on the bread itself, but on the idea of developing an additional valuable source of protein and combining it with ancient grains.