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Turbo boost for innovative concepts

Hall 7, DEHOGA stand

"Together with you, we will accelerate your gastronomy concept!" Under this motto three founding teams will develop their innovative gastronomy concepts over the five days of INTERGASTRA. They will be supported in the GASTROLABOR on the DEHOGA stand by experts and mentors from DEHOGA Consultancy and the DEHOGA Academy.

Creative for the future

You can be present live when ideas are formulated and made ready for practical use. On the stand of the Baden-Württemberg branch of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) the participants will have everything they need for this purpose – from the required area and the team of experts through to input by industry leaders and access to suppliers and service providers. The focal point will always be practice: the founding teams will be able to implement their concepts on the first day after INTERGASTRA.

Boost your gastronomy concept!

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