Experience the greatest Culinary Skills from around the World!

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Battle between Chefs and Cuisine: Taking Part is Everything

26th IKA/Culinary Olympics - parallel to INTERGASTRA 2024

The IKA/Culinary Olympics is the world‘s largest international exhibition for culinary skills. This event was held for the second time at Messe Stuttgart from 2 to 7 February 2024.

Peering into the professionals‘ pots and pans. Cheering on the chef teams from all over the world as they compete for medals. A unique opportunity was offered to visitors of INTERGASTRA 2024 to enjoy culinary highlights from all parts of the world together with friends or colleagues. Witness the creation of culinary masterpieces, artistic food sculptures and dishes during IKA/Culinary Olympics. 

visitor brochure (PDF, 4 MB)

The Road to the Medals

As soon as the Olympic flame has been lit, the participants of the IKA/Culinary Olympics were only focussed on one thing: racking up as many points as possible. The jury judged the teams and individual exhibitors in each competition.

On the four competition days, from 3–6 February 2024, gold, silver and bronze medals have been awarded in every competition based on the number of points. At the final award ceremony on Wednesday, 7 February 2024, the total score decided who stands on the podium and becomes an Olympic champion.

All information on the medal ceremony (PDF, 332 KB)


Experience International Culinary Skills Live and Enjoy

Restaurant of Nations, Chef’s Table, Restaurant of Community Catering and more: At the IKA/Culinary Olympics you could enjoy high-quality menus. The creations have been prepared live in these three categories

Enjoy a first-class international Olympic menu

When the best chefs from all over the world ignite a culinary firework, unique creations are born. You can taste the results in the Restaurant of Nations.

  • Competition: Six National Teams per day with 110 menus each
  • Offer: Three-course menu from the team of your choice


Your gourmet menu: seven courses, prepared live

At the Chef’s Table, you will see every movement made by the chefs at close quarters. That‘s because you will sit and eat next to the team‘s competition kitchens.

  • Competition: Six teams per day, with a table of ten people each
  • Offer: Seven-course-menu from the team of your choice


Talented chefs ready to start: you can look forward to three exquisite courses

These young culinary artists share one passion: serving up perfect dishes. The young international chefs will prepare a three-course menu for the visitors.

  • Competition: Up to five Junior National Teams per day with 70 menus each
  • Offer: Three-course lunch menu from the team of your choice


Experience the different tastes of one nation

From fingerfood to fish and/or seafood and rabbit through to the dessert: The IKA Junior Chef’s Table offers an exciting selection of national delicacies in the competition kitchens.

  • Competition: Up to five Junior National Teams per day, each with a table of ten people
  • Offer: Five-course-menu from your selected team


Taste the lunch table of catering professionals

The Community Catering Teams competition has evolved with time. In accordance with the principles of healthy, sustainable nutrition, the focus is on vegetables as the main component of the menu, balanced and tasty.

All courses are served on a tray, simple and under realistic conditions – perfect for a light and flexible lunch break.

  • Competition: Up to six Community Catering Teams/Military Teams per day with 120 menus each
  • Offer: Lunch prepared by the team of your choice, including a non-alcoholic drink


Culinary and pastry art: two competitions coupled with 100% passion – that‘s the Battle of the Regions

Which five-strong team is in the lead? The culinary arts show of the international Regional Teams will celebrate the high art of finger food, festive platters and artistic desserts.

Cuisine meets art

Craftsmanship, creativity and flair are combined beautifully: the food artists and cutting virtuosos use vegetables, fruit, cheese, sugar and chocolate to create something that is both elegant and beautiful.

Who won the individual categories in 2024?

  • Gold for Finland
  • Silver for Switzerland
  • Bronze for Iceland
  • Gold for Sweden
  • Silver for Norway
  • Bronze for Denmark
  • Gold for Compass Group Culinary Team Finland, Finland
  • Gold for Swiss Armed Forces Culinary Team / SACT, Switzerland
  • Bronze for Norway Community Catering Team, Norway
  • Gold for PaisWorld Culinary Team Korea, South Korea
  • Silver for Skåne Kulinar, Sweden
  • Bronze for Cercle des Chefs de Cuisine Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Gold for An Xuan Li, Taiwan
  • Gold for Tereza Buchtova, Czech Republic
  • Bronze for Kuan Ju Li, Taiwan


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