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Stuttgart Coffee Summit

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Black, hot and popular!

Hall 8 (Coffee, Confectionery)

Coffee has cult status, and the market is constantly developing. Stuttgart Coffee Summit as one of the highlights of INTERGASTRA is focused on trends and business ideas in the coffee industry. Present your offers on the most important platform for farmers, roasters and baristas.

Coffee trends live, with and without filter: in cooperation with Coffee Consulate it will be possible to experience the latest developments in the coffee industry in tastings, exciting talks and interactive workshops during the Stuttgart Coffee Summit and "Coffee Symposium" at INTERGASTRA. The focal point will be the complete value-added chain for coffee with well-established highlights such as the Roaster Village and cup tastings, together with numerous opportunities to exchange information and experiences, and a programme with international flair. Present your product in a perfect setting!


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Programme 2020

two daily tours (12 p.m. and 3 p.m.)

Fine-tuning your taste buds: Get ready for tastings in the RösterDorf (roasting village) and prepare for cup tastings. Explore all the details of the 11 aroma groups and experience the full range of coffee flavours. 

To understand coffee and accurately convey its taste, you must grapple with your senses – something most people find quite difficult or try to avoid. To describe the flavour profile of a type of coffee, you need be able to identify and describe what is happening in your haptic, gustatory and olfactory systems. The haptic system (mouthfeel) identifies viscosity, temperature and spice, the gustatory system (taste) detects perceptions such as sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami (savoury) and metallic flavours. The olfactory system (smell) is made up of thousands of aromas which can be categorised in various groups.

Visitors to the AromaLabryinth can experience a total of 11 aroma groups from four different coffees. In addition, many more interesting facts and pieces of background information are displayed and explained with regard to taste perception, aroma detection and the senses in general. Further information can be accessed via the QR codes.

Four coffees are brought to life for all of your senses:

  • A cereal Canephora (SLN274, fully washed) [Badra Estates]
  • A fruity berry S795 [Palthope Estate]
  • A citrus-dominated fully washed Catuai [Finca Hamburgo]
  • A pulped natural Catuai defined by orange and caramel tones [Fazendas Dutra]. 


  • There are two daily guided tours of the AromaLabyrinth (12 p.m. and 3 p.m.).
  • The coffees can then be tested in the following four different forms: Filter coffee, caffè crema, espresso and cold brew (nitro cold brew). The coffee tastings will take place at 12.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m.

We would like to extend our thanks to all participating partners and sponsors for supporting this unique project: NitroDP, The Coffee Store, Keltenhof, Togi Sale, Original Beans and Manufaktur Jörg Geiger.

daily 10:45 am in the Confectioners' Trend Forum

In the Morning Coffee Talk with Latte art World Champion Christian Ullrich and master barista Goran Huber serve hot tips and tricks for your own café, restaurant or business
about how to ….

  • ... increase turnover with coffee and reduce costs at the same time.
  • ... improve the quality of your coffee with simple steps.
  • ... radiate more competence to your guests.
  • ... offer your employees a perspective.
  • ... win recognition from your colleagues and guests.

Coffee roasters, green coffee specialists and farmers showcase their full range of products – at a professional coffee tasting session that covers all taste preferences!

At every CupTasting, there are always eight different coffees to be sampled per round.

Coffee tastings with farmers/daily at 11.30 a.m.

Nothing is as important as getting information straight from the source. This applies equally to coffee roasters and farmers – and also the world of gastronomy. At the FarmerCupTastings, farmers will showcase their farms and a selection of different coffees (varieties, soils, methods of preparation).

  • Saturday 15 February Fazendas Dutra, Brazil (Ednilson and Walter Dutra)
  • Sunday 16 February Palthope Estate, India (B.B. Deepak Chengappa)
  • Monday 17 February Finca Hamburgo, Mexico (Tomas Bruno Edelmann Toriello)
  • Tuesday 18 February Finca La Buena Esperanza, El Salvador (Andrès Quintanilla)
  • Wednesday 19 February Fazendas Dutra, Brazil (Ednilson and Walter Dutra)

Stuttgart Coffee Batch [SCB]
Discover the influence of roast profiles on the same coffee [5 kg green coffee] (8 roasters)/daily at 12.30 p.m.

|In addition to the factors involved in the green coffee (terroir and preparation factors), the taste of a coffee is significantly influenced by its roast profile. To demonstrate the artisan skill of coffee roasters, eight different coffee roasters will interpret and taste the same coffee (Bourbon Tekisic, Finca La Buena) as part of the Stuttgart Coffee Batch (SCB). A note has been made of the different roast profiles and this will be made available during the tasting, meaning that the professionals can attempt to identify the roast profiles, while coffee lovers can see in their cups how different roasts influence the flavour profile.

Participating coffee roasters/roaster establishments:

  • Dylan & Harper Kaffeerösterei, Wiesbaden
  • Frankfurter Kaffeerösterei, Frankfurt am Main
  • Max Hase Rösterei, Mühldorf am Inn
  • Neckarrösterei, Mannheim
  • Rösterei Eisenwerk, Gaggenau
  • Springer’s Kaffeemanufaktur, Speyer
  • The Coffee Store/Röstkontor, Mannheim

The money raised by the coffees roasted for the Stuttgart Coffee Batch at the INTERGASTRA will support the collection for the preservation of coffee varieties at Finca La Buena Esperanza in El Salvador.

RarestCoffeeCupTasting [RCC]
CupTasting of some of the most unusual coffee types in the world/daily at 2.30 p.m.

If you have ever dreamed of tasting the most exotic coffees in the world, this is your chance. The Stuttgart Coffee Summit will present some of the rarest types and varieties of coffee which you cannot simply buy from roasters or on the green coffee market. While many of the old types have given way to more resistant varieties and cultivars with higher yields, they nevertheless have unique taste profiles. This is reason enough to maintain and to continue to grow these varieties. Taste and experience exotic coffees, such as Liberica, Laurina, Aramosa, Thungabadra, Agaro and Kent coffee

Fermentation methodsandpreparation [F&P]
"Growing the coffee" – with the farmer's handwriting/daily at 3.30 p.m.

In addition to the terroir factors (plant genetics [species, variety], soil condition, location [geographical longitude and latitude], cultivation height, pruning and many other growth factors), the flavour profiles of coffees are significantly influenced by preparation factors (in a similar vein to wine cultivation). Consumers in the coffee industry know far too little about these factors. However, they can result in completely different tastes. These coffees have a different emphasis when it comes to sweet flavours and fruit nuances. This CupTasting event provides visitors the opportunity to directly compare the taste of coffees from the same location but which have been prepared in different ways.

Cold brewCupTasting/Nitro CupTasting [cold brew]
Just cold coffee or a hot trend? /daily at 4.30 p.m.

What is cold brew coffee? Cold brew is coffee which has been steeped in cold water and strained. This process means that only water-soluble aromas are produced. Unlike hot coffees, this methods means that completely different types of flavour are produced in your cup. To make this new trend easy for visitors to understand, there will be tastings of various coffees at cold brew CupTasting which have been prepared in different ways. This includes nitro cold brews, which is coffee charged with nitrogen. In addition to tastings of coffee steeped in cold water and strained, iced (shock-cooled) coffee will be sampled – coffee that is initially brewed hot and then shocked-cooled using ice cubes. Nitro cold brew coffees are prepared and presented in the same way, meaning that the influence of the water temperature during extraction can be understood immediately.

two daily guided tours of the AromaLabyrinth (at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.)

The coffees can then be tasted in the following four different formulations at the InnovationsBar: Filter coffee, caffè crema, espresso and cold brew (nitrocold brew). The coffee tastings will take place 12.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m.

Food pairing – cuisine to accompany coffee from around the world: Modern interpretations of traditional bread, cakes and pastries typically served with coffee from all over the world will be presented. Visitors can experience the interplay between these baked goods and coffee drinks first-hand and draw inspiration for their own cafés or gastronomy establishments.

Deep insights into the coffee cosmos: In the RösterDorf, you will get to know small and micro coffee roasters and green coffee buyers. Farmers will also be exhibiting there. The Wilhelma zoological-botanical garden in Stuttgart will also showcase an exclusive selection from its international collection for the preservation of coffee varieties. Immerse yourself in the variety of coffee specialities!

  • Theforum of artisan coffee roasters. Micro coffee roasters and small-scale roasters will exhibit and provide information about their coffee and espresso creations. A common open seating area will offer a space for restaurateurs and hoteliers to have conversations with coffee roasters about the coffees and sample them together.
  • Coffee farmers and green coffee specialists will showcase their farms and green coffees to coffee roasters. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample the coffees with farmers and specialists and to assess different types of green coffee.
  • Wilhelma will present the "international collection for the preservation of coffee varieties", which has the purpose of preserving the many types and varieties of coffee in crops around the world. Many old varieties, which have long given way to modern cultivars, have the most unique taste profiles. Despite the fact that they have lower yields, they are now of great interest to the coffee specialities industry. Particularly in the context of climate change, the coffee industry is again paying attention to varieties which had virtually been forgotten.

Exhibiting companies:

amarella Mokuska


Julian Thomas, Senior Trainer at Coffee Consulate, will demonstrate how to correctly prepare coffee specialitiesevery day from 1.45–2.15 p.m.

  • Filter coffee (Saturday 15 February 2020) remains the mostly widely drunk type of coffee in Germany. However, particularly in the gastronomy and hotel industries, there are major shortcomings in expertise when it comes to preparing it. Perfectly prepared filter coffee is both a treat and a real opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. Discover important tips and tricks to correctly prepare filter coffee.
  • Irish coffee (Sunday 16 February 2020) – the classic coffee with enormous potential, which most people unfortunately prepare incorrectly. If prepared correctly, you can instantly understand why it is one of the greatest classic coffees of all time.
  • Cold brew (Monday 17 February 2020) – the latest craze – but are people really crazy about it? While still in its early stages, this drink has the potential to catapult its way to being one the leaders in invigorating refreshment drinks. 
  • Espresso (Tuesday 18 February 2020) – the classic Italian coffee which has since become an integral part of the gastronomy industry. Unfortunately, due to incorrect interpretations of customer expectations ("That's the way our customers like it!"), espressos are commonly misunderstood and incorrectly prepared. Learn how it's done the right way!
  • Cappuccino (Wednesday 19 February 2020) – the small Italian breakfast. Find out why it is almost always prepared in a way that is too watery and hot and also how you can transform this into an Italian-inspired dream of an espresso milk soufflé.

All the information about the five coffee specialities presented will be displayed and explained on posters during the entire Stuttgart Coffee Summit in the Alfred Kärcher Hall (Hall 8).

Coffee in Pratice
Every day at 1:45 pm at the Confectioners' Trend Forum
Learn how to prepare the perfect coffee beverage!

Stuttgart Comandante Championship
15.02.2020, 2:30 pm / stage Konditoren-Trend-Forum
At the Stuttgart Comandante Championship, you will discover which flavours good baristas can taste from the same beans using the same method of preparation – the same equipment is available to everyone. 

More information 

Espresso Italiano Championship
18.02.2020, 4pm / stage Konditoren-Trend-Forum
Appearance and taste, as well as work processes, cleanliness and a confident handling of equipment: these are the criteria according to which the German Barista Champion is chosen. The competition is organized by Instituto Espresso Italiano (IEI). The qualification takes place at the stands of the IEI members. The final competition ist held on Tuesday, 18.2.20 at 4pm.

More information & application forms

Sat. 15 Feb12–12.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
 1.45–2.15 p.m.Filter coffee [W]Stuttgart Coffee Summit stageMr Thomas
 2.30–5.30 p.m.Stuttgart Comandante ChampionshipStuttgart Coffee Summit stageExternal
 3–3.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
Sun. 16 Feb 9 a.m.–4 p.m.CoffeeSymposiumCongress Center WestDr Schwarz
 12–12.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
 1.45–2.15 p.m.Irish coffee [W]  Stuttgart Coffee Summit stageMr Thomas
 3–3.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
 5–6 p.m.KaldiAwardStuttgart Coffee Summit stageDr Schwarz
Mon. 17 Feb9 a.m.–4 p.m.CoffeeSymposiumCongress Center WestDr Schwarz
 12–12.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
 1.45–2.15 p.m.Cold brew/nitro [W]Stuttgart Coffee Summit stageMr Thomas
 3–3.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
 6–8 p.m.WilhelmaWilhelmaDr Schäfer
Tue. 18 Feb12–12.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
 1.45–2.15 p.m.Espresso [W]Stuttgart Coffee Summit stageMr Thomas
 3–3.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
 4–5.30 p.m.Espresso Italiano ChampionshipStuttgart Coffee Summit stageExternal
Wed. 19 Feb12–12.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas
 1.45–2.15 p.m.Cappuccino [W]Stuttgart Coffee Summit stageMr Thomas
 3–3.30 p.m.Sensory analysis/aromas [A]AromaLabyrinthMr Thomas

[W]         Workshop
[C]          Cuptasting (Stand 8C20)
[A]          AromaLabyrinth (Stand 8C16)
[IN]        InnovationsBar (Stand 8C20)
[R]          RösterDorf (Stand 8B16)
[B]          Stage (Stand 8B12)


16.02.- 17.02.2020,
from 09:00am - 04:00pm in the Congress Center West.

Shrub, bean, cup - at the CoffeeSymposium international experts will tell you everything you need to know about changing coffee. Lectures and panel discussions will provide valuable knowledge about the entire coffee value chain.

You can find the entire programme here (PDF, 4 MB).



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