The entire world of gelato

The specialist trade fair for handmade ice cream.

Innovative trends and ideas in the handmade ice cream sector can be found in Italy — and also at GELATISSIMO in Stuttgart. Right in the middle of the second biggest market in Europe, it has established itself as the only real specialist trade fair for ice cream professionals north of the Alps. The timing of the fair just before ice cream season is ideal, the variety of topics is huge, and the conditions for striking the best business deals are perfect.

As an important meeting point in the sector, GELATISSIMO offers a rich and varied mix of information and entertainment. In addition to the presentation of innovative concepts, the accompanying programme won't disappoint, thanks to the highlights associated with a passion for good ice cream, such as the Coppa GELATISSIMO, the innovation prize for the sector.

Key themes at GELATISSIMO:

  • Raw materials and additional ingredients
  • Toppings
  • Ice cream makers
  • Cooling technology and refrigerator units
  • Shop design and construction
  • Presentation systems and lighting
  • Cups and waffles
  • Glasses and spoons
  • Promotions and presentation

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