Sustainability concepts at interbad 2020

02.06.2020 - 10:38

Sector platform provides information on the latest products and technologies on the topic of water treatment, energy efficiency and room ventilation technology.

The topics of climate change and sustainability are a concern for the sector: From the swimming pool operator to the spa provider, from the architect to manufacturers and tradesmen – the discussions revolve around the issues of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

In this regard, indoor swimming pools are particularly energy-intensive – room ventilation technology, hot water provision and water treatment, as well as lighting systems designed to create a special atmosphere, must all be taken into consideration. "The high energy consumption is above all due to the need for continuous treatment of large quantities of air and water. The interaction between these two thermal masses is the decisive aspect for optimising systems," explains Michael Weilandt, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Research & Regulations at the German Association for the Recreational and Medicinal Bath Industry (DGfdB).

Exploiting digital potentials

However, the increasing digitalisation of the sector is resulting in decisive advantages with regard to sustainability. For example, researchers at the Institute for Construction Planning and Realisation at RWTH Aachen have developed software products for the ecological and economic evaluation of the recyclability of building materials in all phases of a building's lifecycle. "With building information modelling (BIM) technology, the sustainability of swimming pools can be efficiently and inexpensively evaluated on the basis of digital data," says Weilandt.

Relaxation without a guilty conscience

Not only public swimming pools, but also with regard to spas, sustainability is increasingly gaining importance. "When someone gets into a whirlpool, they want to relax and not think of electricity costs," says Ottmar Knoll, Managing Director of Whirlcare Industries GmbH. The company has for many years been a regular exhibitor at interbad. Whirlpools with lower-grade insulation are indeed mostly somewhat less expensive to buy. However, the lower price comes with higher energy costs. "If you take 20 years as the average service life of a whirlpool, the difference between paying 40 or 80 Euro each month for electricity adds up to the proud total of 9600 Euro," says Knoll, presenting his calculation.

For insulating whirlpool tubs, polyurethane (PU) foam or silver-foil-coated styrofoam is often used – inexpensive to produce, but from an ecological and economic perspective considerably more expensive in the long term. In contrast, Whirlcare Industries uses chemically and biologically neutral insulation, which is free of CFCs and recyclable.

Sustainability and digitalisation will also be important themes at the 68th Congress of the DGfdB (German Association for the Recreational and Medicinal Bath Industry). For example, the participants can find out about the upheavals in the building industry or computer-aided facility management, and thus also about resource-optimised construction management, and exchange ideas and opinions at the trade fair stand of the DGfdB. At the special show "Alpine Wellness powered by Cluster Wellness Tirol", sauna, infrared and thermal products, products made from natural materials, renewable raw materials, as well as meditation and relaxation, will be presented.

About interbad

interbad, the international trade fair for swimming pools, saunas and spas, is the world's most important platform in the sector for public swimming pools and one of the top 3 trade fairs for all interests of private swimming pool owners. Globally, it is the trade fair with the largest product range in the field of saunas. On an area of 35,000 square metres, more than 400 exhibitors present their products and services in the field of public bath construction, swimming pool technology, pools, saunas, spas and wellness.

Around 15,000 visitors from more than 60 countries learn about the latest products, trends and pioneering ideas. Numerous presentations, workshops and discussion sessions in two congress formats round off the offering.


The next interbad will take place from 27 to 30 October 2020 at Messe Stuttgart. For more information, visit:



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