Mayor's Forum


Over 80 per cent of the general public regard swimming pools as indispensable. After cycling, swimming is the most popular leisure activity in Germany. However, nearly every swimming pool is s subsidised undertaking. The difficult financial situation of municipalities and the need for substantial investments on account of the age of many swimming pools mean that an increasing number of them are being closed. Distances of 30 kilometres and more to the next swimming pool are increasingly becoming the norm. Ways and means for dealing with these problems will be discussed during a meeting of mayors in Stuttgart. Based on practical examples, the event will focus on alternative methods relating to the operation and preservation of swimming pools. It will also provide the participants with an opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss action requirements.

Date: 10/24/2018

Time: tbd

Location: Room C 5.1, ICS Internationales Congresscenter, Messe Stuttgart

Language: German