ISA International Sauna Congress

The International Sauna Congress is the global forum for knowledge transfer and information exchange around the trends, ideas and challenges of the sauna industry.

The congress will take place in parallel with the interbad trade fair in Stuttgart from 24 to 27 Oct 2022. Its superior objective is the worldwide promotion and further development of sauna use. Also in the focus is a positive influence on the development of the industry.

Within the framework of the congress, market participants can benefit from a lecture programme, workshops and various sauna experiences. Target groups are managers and specialists from the broadly based sauna and wellness sector and  specialists interested in the sauna topic from all over the world.

The objectives of the congress are:

  • creating a forum for dialogue for the global sauna community
  • exchanging knowledge and latest findings across disciplines

  • promoting research projects

  • furthering the education of employees in the sauna sector

The congress is divided into four segments:

Sauna and Health

This segment focusses on the preventive and prophylactic effects of sauna treatments. In addition, the sauna topic is researched with respect to the physiological and biochemical effects on defence processes in the body, epidemiology, sports, and sauna use in certain stages of life.

Sauna economy

Here, international business models for public sauna and wellness facilities are presented.  

Ecological and technical challenges for the construction and operation of saunas

This segment addresses sustainability and emissions in sauna construction and operation. It also provides insights into energy efficient methods for construction and heating as well as into climate neutral concepts for sauna facilities.

Quo Vadis, Sauna

Quo Vadis, Sauna concentrates on the current market and visitor behaviour and highlights extraordinary architectural solutions and interior design of public saunas. Finally, the future orientation of public saunas will be analysed with the help of market studies.

Speakers 2022

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Programme of the International Sauna Congress


Day Trip: Sauna Highlights - From Center Parcs Leutkirch to the Lindau Therme on Lake Constance

08:00-18:00Day trip: Manufacturer's tour - visit of the showroom and plant tour at KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG
ab 18:00Get together 
08:30-09:00Opening ceremony interbad
09:00-11:30Topic 1: More than sweating - sauna and health
13:00-15:30Topic  2: The public sauna between wellness and experience
from 17:30Sauna night
13:00-15:30Topic 3: Ecological and technical challenges for sauna construction and operation
from 17:30interbad party
09:00-11:30Topic 4: On the future value of the sauna - Quo vadis sauna?
13:00-18:00Half day trip: "Spa town Stuttgart"
09:00-18:00interbad exhibition

The exhibition of interbad will be held in parallel with the International Sauna Congress all day from 25 October 2022.

Detailed information on the respective venue is available on the official website as well as up-to-date information on the content of the congress.