Matchmaking at interbad

As part of interbad, Handwerk International Baden-Württemberg and the Enterprise Europe Network are organising a matchmaking platform together with international partners. Participation is completely free of charge and can take place independently of a trade fair visit. Make your first contacts now and expand your network.

Use the 20-minute discussion slots to exchange ideas about innovative products and services and seize the opportunity to build new international business relationships! Exchange information on current trends and topics in 1:1 contacts.

The meetings can be held online or in person. For appointments at the trade fair, all you need is the stand number or the agreed meeting point of your desired discussion partner and go to the respective location on time. For virtual meetings, you can log in online at the agreed time.

Register now and take advantage of the opportunity to make new contacts in the run-up to interbad and consolidate them at the trade fair. You can already proactively contact other participants for discussions. 

Register now