Innovation Area and interbad Innovation Award

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2022 interbad exhibitors once again sent their most innovative ideas, cutting-edge prototypes and latest product launches into the race and interbad visitors voted on site or online for the most innovative products for the interbad Innovation Award. The prize, which is awarded by Messe Stuttgart together with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen e.V. (DGfdB), honours solutions that are highly significant and applicable in practice and improve the environmental and energy situation.

The winners of interbad Innovation Award 2022

  • 3rd place: Innovative disinfection by NoviNato

    3rd place: Innovative disinfection by NoviNato

    Jan van den Bulcke, Managing Director at NoviNato: I am impressed by the real innovative power of the interbad. I have been in the business for over 30 years and we have managed to develop a groundbreaking new disinfection system for public swimming pools with low chlorine content. That is why we are very pleased to receive the interbad Innovation Award.

  • 2nd place: Saunum for a sauna heater with climate system

    2nd place: Saunum for a sauna heater with climate system

    Andrus Vare, founder of Saunum Sauna: I am very proud of getting this award, because I developped our product for myself. And my friends pushed me to get the patent. Today we are delivering worldwide and we are glad to be at interbad, because visitors from all over the world are coming to this convention and we can show them personally what the high quality of Saunum means and how it changes the Sauna climate completely to a better and healthier side.

  • 1st place: MSK HPX WW Pool Chiller

    1st place: MSK HPX WW Pool Chiller

    Bertin Metzger, Managing Director Metzger MSK: It is a great honour for us to receive so much positive feedback on our product and to win 1st place in the Innovation Award. Our cold and hot water heat pump meets the sustainable spirit of the times with its energy efficiency and reduces energy losses to the lowest possible level. The professional audience and the range of commercial to private visitors from home and abroad is very enriching for us.

The applications for interbad Innovation Award


Safety with maximum wearing comfort and flexibility.

With its design, the EASY FIT life jacket combines safety with the highest wearing comfort and maximum flexibility. This is made possible by the use of an extremely buoyant high-tech foam for the drivers and the resulting revolutionary slim design. The waistcoat is particularly suitable for learning to swim, as the natural movement sequences and an optimal water position are supported. TÜV and GS certified according to EUV 425/2016, EN 13138-1:2021 + AC 2022, the perfect tool for all children from 15 - 30 kg who want to learn to swim. The EASY FIT life jacket is available in the colours pink and green.

PVC 84 Lamellen

A new flexible slat for in-ground slatted covers.

The unique PVC 84 slat differs in that it has a flexible "boat deck seal" that joins four slat packs at a time. This makes the cover much quicker to install. In addition, the individual slats are wider. This saves slats and reduces the cleaning effort between the slats. The flat, 2-colour design provides a perfect finish on the water surface. The patented and registered PVC 84 is also highly resistant to UV radiation and ageing.

Membrano EC direct 

The only universally applicable electrolysis system in the pool sector whose produced disinfection solution does not influence the pH value and maintains the acid capacity.

The Membrano EC "direct" produces on demand, without salt in the pool water and doses precisely. It can be used universally, even in stainless steel pools. The disinfection solution produced is neutral with pH 7! In practice, this means savings on pH reducers. The compact design enables quick installation and is also easy to maintain.

Drop Vuolle Compact

Everyday luxury for all outdoor spaces.

With Drop Spa, the style and quality-conscious customer doesn’t have to sacrifice either style, comfort, or quality when designing a luxurious wellness space for their homes.

To meet the demands of high-quality, luxurious spas for smaller spaces, Drop has been developing a new model, the Drop Vuolle Compact. The Drop Vuolle Compact is a perfect spa for urban living, fitting beautifully on a balcony or a smaller garden. Like all Drop Spas, the Compact combines state-of-the-art outdoor spa technology and the relaxation of massaging nozzles and has massage seats for 3 people.

Poseidon 10

In good hands for sure - also in the bathing sector.

This exclusive safe for the individual area of bathing was designed in close cooperation with the DGfdB. With our Poseidon 10, you can therefore enjoy the full security and functionality you want in your safe - without any compromises.

Lawnmower CEORA™

The new satellite-supported robotic lawnmower CEORA™ - for the fast, economical and sustainable care of lawns in outdoor pools.

CEORA™ is a modular large-area mowing robot and can be used in the future, e.g. B. be supplemented with a spreader. CEORA™ does not need boundary wires as it uses the EPOS navigation system. CEORA™ is battery powered, which significantly reduces costs and carbon footprint. Individual mowing plans can be defined via smartphone. It mows in strips and therefore very quickly. The regular cut ensures a perfect lawn.


Water analysis has never been that simple.

With the LILIAN, you can measure your hygiene parameters (including pH, chlorine, alcalinity) in under 60 seconds – without any drops or tablets. Simply insert the SensoStick into the device, start the measurement via app and all data is available digitally. Optional: In the LILIAN Manager, the connected cloud software, you have all measured values in real time on your desktop - assigned to the correct measuring position and the measuring person. 

MSK HPX WW Pool Chiller

Cold and warm pool - tempered and controlled by one system.

The MSK HPX WW doubles its energy efficiency by using the cooling and heating function of a heat pump at the same time. Conventional heat pumps only use the cooling or heating function. 
This means that only one energy source is used. With our MSK HPX WW, a cold and warm pool can be operated at the same time. With the MSK Pool Control, the pools and their accessories can be controlled via a touch display.

OXY-3 innovative disinfection for low chlorine public pools

No chemicals, no gasses, all electro. 

The OXY-3 device is an innovative water treatment system for water disinfection and chloramine reduction. It allows safe swimming at low free available chlorine (0,20 – 0,40 mg/L) and low chloramine levels (< 0,20 mg/L) in every public pool. 

It combines three oxidative electro disinfection principles without the addition or production of chemicals or gases and without the formation of harmful by-products. 

The compact, plug&play SKID can be installed in every existing public pool to realise the DIN 19643-norm. Low chlorine swimming in public pools was never that easy!

Reusable filter cartridge

PureFlow - Disruptive filtration methods meet responsible sustainability.

Thanks to our groundbreaking innovations in the filter technology segment, we are able to achieve incredible filter performance despite an enormous flow rate of water. Even the tiniest suspended particles, smaller than one micrometre, are removed with ease by PureFlow.

With this world innovation, only the washable filter material is changed instead of the entire filter. Finally, a sustainable system for everyone. Simply ingenious filtering with PureFlow.

Sauna heater with climate system. A unique sauna experience and a relaxing five-in-one home spa solution.

The Saunum Primary Spa heater with Saunum Patented Air-mixing System ensures a more even temperature and the oxygen-rich steam makes breathing easier. A large number of sauna stones, salt balls and other comfort features turn your sauna into a relaxing home spa, adding new qualities to your sauna.

PoolLab 2.0

Measure 3 water values in parallel and beam them directly into the cloud via WiFi.

The PoolLab 2.0 replaces the successful PoolLab 1.0 and comes with 3 parallel measuring cells for the parallel measurement of 3 of the total of 24 water values. In addition, the PoolLab 2.0 has WiFi to synchronise the data directly with the LabCOM Cloud. A 2.4'' colour display with backlighting and 9 keys ensure the greatest possible ease of use. The 4-wavelength technology guarantees highly precise measurements.


The hot tub and swim-spa jet with an individually adjustable massage head, power regulation and four different massage effects - all in one jet. 

Massage revolution under water - an individually adjustable massage head. What kind of feel-good effect does an individually adjustable shower head offer in your shower?
Strength, effectiveness and spray angle have been common practice in the sanitary field for some time. Even your garden is no longer just watered with one water jet. We bring this individual massage effect under water. The Various-Hydrojet® – the individually adjustable massage jet from Whirlcare® Industries. With 4 different massage effects and strength regulation in one jet, you have a variety of options for giving your body the perfect hydromassage. Choose between the point-, area- and volume-massage or use the double jet impulse massage. There are no limits of regeneration here. A pioneer under water for sustainable health care.

Game Wave

The first ever interactive Tumble Wave slide.

New interactive play wave from Wiegand. Bathers can compete against each other in pairs. 3-2-1 go! 15 seconds to reach six touch-sensitive touchpoints embedded in both side walls of the stainless steel wide wave. A display similar to the biathlon shows how many of the points each person reached!