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With the new infrared S1 KLAFS launches a second product which is based on the

revolutionary, room saving concept of the multi-award-winning sauna S1. So now

there is also an infrared cabin to retract at the touch of a button – just

like a zoom lens on a camera.


Schwaebisch Hall, September 2016. The revolutionary, room saving sauna S1 has

delivered a brilliant start: To this day the sauna of the future has received

seven major awards, for example at the German Design Award, at the iF DESIGN

AWARD or at the Red Dot Design Award.


This resounding success had confirmed KLAFS that the company is on the right

path if they work immediately on further room saving concepts. The first result

of these considerations, the infrared S1, will make its world premiere at the

Interbad in Stuttgart.


As with the sauna S1 the key highlight of the infrared cabin S1 is its minimal

space requirements, which decreases again. In its fully retracted position this

cabin is only 45 centimeters deep (sauna S1: 60 centimeters), even smaller than

the average closet. Yet it is a really stylish, high-quality infrared cabin

beautifully designed down to the last detail and with much space for –

depending on the model – one or two persons.


By pressing a button on the new, extremely compact and slim controls on the

front panel it will also extend into a ready-to-use infrared cabin in less than

20 seconds. That's because the infrared cabin S1 will consist, as the sauna S1,

of three elements which can be completely fitted into each other. And all that

synchronously, thanks to the patent-pending eMove technology.


If it is completely extended, the depth of the room will be 1.15 meters. The

flexible connection technology between the individual elements ensures that it

easily overcomes any small irregularities in the floor and can put a wide

variety of floor coverings to the test with its unique skills.


And this second version of the S1 is also be designed as a completely

self-contained, mobile system. In this way, your guest bedroom, workroom or

living room stays just the way it was wherever the infrared cabin is located.

And the infrared cabin can be moved just like a closet if you move out.


Furthermore, KLAFS uses the so called frame stability construction also for the

new infrared version of its revolutionary, room saving concept – an extremely

robust wood sandwich wall construction, which significantly reduces the weight

compared to the previous construction at KLAFS.


Two sizes of the infrared cabin S1 are available: The model SINGLE with one

infrared seat is 1.22 meters wide, the bigger model DOUBLE with two infrared

seats is 1.72 meters wide. The seat surface is foldable, so that it is not in

the way during the retraction of the cabin – just like a movie theater seat.

And the infrared seats are be as supple and comfortable as a movie theater seat,

because they have soft padding and are covered with durable textile leather,

available in chocolate brown or white. Instead of the drinks holder at the seat,

which is obligatory in movie theaters, there is a rotatable mounting for tablets

on the wall of the infrared cabin S1.


So the motto will be: Sit down, feel comfortable and enjoy the deep-penetrating

warmness. Because many years ago people realised that targeting heat onto your

back has a soothing, relaxing and analgesic effect. The rest is done

automatically, as usual with KLAFS, thanks to the unique SensoCare technology,

which also conforms to the provisions of the RAL quality mark association for

infrared cabins. Thanks to this technology you can lean back at ease since

SensoCare ensures fully automatic activation of the preselected heating program

as soon as you lean on it.


The local effect of infrared heat enables an alleviation of various back

problems, like painful cramps and strains, degenerative joint pain and other

nonspecific back pain. Soft, medium or intensive: Highly sensitive sensors in

the infrared lamp measure the skin temperature during the entire program run and

adapt the intensity of the ray individually to the body. So the body is deeply

warmed in a particularly soft and gentle way. The protective grille with

touch-friendly fluffy surface feel provides additional safety.


When it comes to design variety, the infrared cabin of the future blends in with

the KLAFS tradition. Because the infrared S1 is available in five different

exterior trims (white, white satin, Swiss pine, walnut and oak) and with doors

made of clear safety glass, bronze safety glass or mirrored safety glass. For

the interior trims we offer naturally grown, knot-free eastern hemlock or waxed

walnut wood as well as the wood of the lively patterned Swiss pine on request.

Swiss pine is rumored to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Side-windows are available on on request. This gives the infrared S1 an

all-round harmonious appearance – no matter what combination customers choose.




Further information is available at all times from:




Erich-Klafs-Straße 1–3, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall


Tel.: +49 (0)791 501-0, Fax: +49 (0)791 501-248


or on the website at www.klafs.com and www.klafs-s1.com



Image 1:


The new infrared S1 from KLAFS is the world’s first infrared cabin to retract

at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera. In its fully

retracted position it is only 45 centimeters deep.


Image 2:


Sit down, feel comfortable and enjoy the deep-penetrating warmness: The infrared

seats have soft padding just like a movie theater seat.


Image 3:


Thanks to the SensoCare technology you can lean back at ease since this

technology ensures fully automatic activation of the preselected heating program

as soon as you lean on it.


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