Kirami has reinvented the wheel: the BarrelBike combines exercise, relaxation and privacy



The new Kirami BarrelBike is a water exercise bike designed to fit a Kirami hot

tub. Tub biking suits all purposes from rehabilitation to top athlete training.

The BarrelBike will be introduced at the Innovation section of the Interbad

trade fair in Stuttgart on 27 to 30 September 2016.


The favourable properties of water have been utilised in exercise for decades.

Thanks to its higher density than air, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and flow

properties, water is an effective and pleasant exercise environment.


Hydrostatic pressure affects blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. Thanks

to the upwards buoyancy, the force against the musculoskeletal system is lower

in water. The resistance and effectiveness can easily be adjusted by changing

the rhythm of the movement.


Water exercise can consume even more energy than exercising on land, as the heat

loss of the body consumes energy together with the exercise movement. In a warm

bath, the swirls of the water massage and relax the muscles.


"There is a multitude of forms of water exercise around the world, ranging from

lake jogging to underwater trampolines. The Kirami BarrelBike brings the joy of

exercise and relaxing in warm water to people’s home yards. The idea was born

when I/a relative of mine/a friend of mine took part in a water spinning class

at a spa. The exercise was really effective, but the large swimming pool felt

cold at times, and you don’t always have time to leave home for an instructed

session at a swimming hall or a spa," says Mika Rantanen of Kirami Oy.


With the BarrelBike, you can first exercise and then relax. The bike stays in

place with its own weight, so there is no need to fasten it to the pool. Once

you are done exercising, the bike is easy to lift out of the tub.


The BarrelBike is made from corrosion-free materials. The body of the bike is

powder-coated aluminium. The bike is 1.3 metres long and 0.5 metres tall. It

weighs 10 kilograms and fits most Kirami hot tubs.


The new BarrelBike will be presented at the Innovation section of the Interbad

trade fair.




Further information:


Managing Director Mika Rantanen, mika.rantanen@kirami.fi, +358 45 676 9954


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