interbad is a success story

02.11.2018 - 09:49

Satisfaction and willingness to invest among visitors at a record level / Internationality of the trade fair affirmed

Over 14,000 visitors, 416 exhibitors, 35,000 square metres of exhibition space, more than 90 talks, workshops and panel discussions in four events in the Congress and accompanying programme – these are the key data of interbad 2018 which finished today (26 October) in Stuttgart. The coherent concept of the Trade Fair for Swimming Pools, Saunas and Spas, which is organised by the German Association for the Recreational and Medicinal Bath Industry (DGfdB) together with Messe Stuttgart, impressed exhibitors and visitors alike. Katrin Schütz, State Secretary in the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing: "interbad is a success story! With the key topics of digitalisation, retention of skilled personnel and vocational education and training, interbad examines the future challenges facing small and medium-sized companies.“ Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, President of Messe Stuttgart, emphasised the unique concept: "It successfully combines the areas of swimming pools, saunas and spas. Both in the public and private sector. interbad is unique, especially in the sauna industry, and creates synergies for the industry, retailers and service providers.“

Enthusiastic visitors with high purchasing power
The proportion of international visitors, i.e. 27 per cent, is constantly high. Visitors from a total of 62 countries were recorded, primarily prospective customers from Switzerland, Austria, Russia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

One third of visitors at interbad 2018 are owners or managing directors of a company. Overall, almost 90 per cent of visitors said they were involved in purchasing and procurement decisions in their company. The investment intentions of visitors have also developed positively compared with 2016. 84 per cent of visitors said that they were definitely or possibly intending to make investments. "We are delighted with visitors who have firm investment intentions. This makes the trade fair even more attractive for our exhibitors," said Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, President of Messe Stuttgart.

Satisfaction among visitors reached the highest ever level at interbad 2018. 96 per cent (2016: 92 per cent) believe that the importance of interbad in future will increase or remain the same. Overall, visitors awarded interbad an average mark of 1.9 (2016: 2.1). Three quarters of visitors also said that they were planning to attend interbad 2020. Just under 90 per cent said they would definitely or probably recommend the trade fair to other people.

Topics keeping pace with the times
The trade fair reaffirmed its innovative capability In terms of content: in order to take account of the topic of "retention of skilled workers and managers", interbad 2018 featured the so-called "Careers Centre“ for the first time. A separate area on which different educational and training institutes were able to present their services.

Experts and industry representatives also discussed trends and pressing questions during the 67th Congress for Pool and Bath Technology. Various key topics during the three-day Congress focused, for example, on the question of what opportunities digitalisation will create in the planning and operation of swimming pools. Important current topics such as the urgent need for young skilled workers were also discussed. "Although we had slightly fewer topic areas in the Congress this year, we attracted far more visitors. This was already apparent from the number of registrations," said Christian Ochsenbauer, Managing Director of the German Association for the Recreational and Medicinal Bath Industry (DGfdB). "The topic area 'The digital future in the planning and operation of baths' went down very well with the participants. Digitalisation has made an impact. On the whole, the Congress went very well.“

The Annual Conference "Saunaimpulse" of the German Sauna Association was held on 24 and 25 October 2018. Two topics were on the agenda here: firstly, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the resulting necessary changes in public baths and saunas and, secondly, infusion practice with pure ethereal oils. "The brand essence of saunas, for example health effects for the user, relaxation and bodycare, has in recent years been increasingly linked with experiences," explained Rolf-Andreas Pieper, Managing Director of the German Sauna Association. "Since saunas lie somewhere between relaxation and an experience, infusion practice also plays an important role in this respect.“

During interbad the German Association for the Recreational and Medicinal Bath Industry (DGfdB) again presented the "2018 Public Value Award for Public Baths“. It has staged this competition every two years since 2010. During his speech Dr. h. c. Fritz Schramma, President of the DGfdB, praised the Award winners and pointed out that the seven Award-winning baths were also located in seven different German federal states. "Although this may be a coincidence, it also showed that encouraging and experiencing the common good are not a question of the location.

By presenting the public prize "Innovation Award“, the trade fair organisers want to demonstrate the high innovative capacity in the industry and honour special market innovations. A total of 13 participants presented their product developments in the "Innovation Area“ at interbad 2018 in Stuttgart. The visitors were certainly very interested: just under 6,000 votes were cast during the trade fair and beforehand during the online voting process.

Satisfied exhibitors
It is not surprising that extremely positive feedback came from the exhibitors: "interbad is the leading trade fair for pool and bath technology, and is also perceived as such. It provides us with an excellent platform in which we can present our first-class products. The propensity to invest is much higher than two years ago and the mood at the trade fair was generally very good," concluded Norbert Pohlen, Head of the Market Division for Leisure Pools, Scheidt und Bachmann. Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, Managing Director of Chemoform AG, was also satisfied: "My conclusion: very international. We were satisfied with the number of visitors and the trade fair itself, and have no criticism whatsoever. There is a saying in Baden-Württemberg: "Not complaining is praise enough‘, in other words everything was OK.“

The next interbad will be held in Stuttgart from 27 to 30 October 2020.

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Statements by exhibitors regarding interbad 2018:

Michael Pauser, Managing Director, Ospa Apparatebau Pauser GmbH & Co. KG:
"This year's interbad was a total success for our company. We used it to present our new products and demonstrate our partner network. We can therefore draw extremely positive conclusions from the trade fair: we met many new and prospective customers, and held an above-average number of consultations. A good event for us, our partners were also glad to be here."

Armin Herger, President, Speck Pumpen:
There was a very good mixture of visitors and we were able to forge many new contacts – both for private and public baths. As was expected, the international character of the trade fair was very pronounced. In particular, a large number of international visitors came from Eastern Europe. interbad has always been strong in this respect, a fact which we are very pleased about. […] Messe Stuttgart does a very good job!“

Dr. Klaus Batz, Managing Director, European Waterpark Association e.V.:
"Total enthusiasm on our part. The response was fantastic and there is a good mood in the industry. You can sense that more money is being invested. Both the number and quality of the contacts were totally positive. We are already looking forward to 2020!“

Stefan Guckert, Technical Director, Sopra AG:
"The first day was relatively busy and we held some first-class discussions. In my opinion, the organisation – also during the preparations for the trade fair – is almost perfect. Everything is taken care of, someone can be contacted at all times. All in all, we are very pleased and satisfied with the trade fair.“

Thomas Farbmacher, Facility Manager, Devine Austria and Germany:
"We are very satisfied with the trade fair. It is attended by very large numbers of trade visitors. We took part in interbad for the first time this year and will come back again.“

Sven Rügge, Head of Sales and Marketing, Klarer:
"To date, the trade fair has been very pleasant and very interesting with many visitors. We are pleased that we can exhibit on such a large scale. It is important for us to show our large number of innovative products. Although it is predominantly a German-speaking trade fair, it is still interesting to meet a large number of visitors from abroad. France was well represented for our company, but also Scandinavia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.“

Matthew Johanson, International Sales Manager, BWT/Procopi:
"We came to interbad to show our customers that Procopi is now part of the BWT Group. We therefore had a joint presence here on the stand - with a new image and new products, all of which are being renamed, and to show a new product range for 2019. That was our main message at this trade fair. It turned out well in this respect. The customers were curious and asked questions. We were also able to explain all the changes in 2019 and what improvements will be made. interbad 2018 was therefore very successful for our company."

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Stefan Schöllhammer, Managing Director, KLAFS:
"Every two years interbad is both a home game and a highlight for KLAFS.
It is the main meeting point – and was once again a worthy setting for the presentation of our recent innovations."

Dr. Dirk Dygutsch, Managing Director, Dr. Nüsken Chemie GmbH:
"We were surprised that even the Tuesday was so well-attended. Our stand was very full right from the start and contact cultivation worked very well. We were very impressed."

Robert Hofmann, Technical Consultant, AGROB GmbH:
"interbad is characterised by the first-class contacts. The customers come here with properties and specific projects which are then turned into an action plan."

Stephan Kortus, Deputy Managing Director, Bieri Alpha Covers GmbH:
"We had the impression that both the number and expertise of the visitors had increased. The best interbad ever!“

Ing. Josef Lassnig, Managing Director, Zeller bäderbau GmbH:
"We were positively surprised by the Tuesday. Cultivating contacts, which was our main objective, worked very well. The visitors who come to our stand know what they want.“

Axel Diedenhofen, Managing Director, Federal Association for Sauna Construction, Infrared and Steam Baths:
"The feedback from our members was very positive both in terms of the number and expertise of the visitors."

Marcus Troidl, Federal President, German Physiotherapy Association (VDB):
"interbad is an interesting trade fair for physiotherapists as it focuses on exercise pools and aquafitness. We encountered a large number of new exhibitors and innovations, the organisation of the trade fair was perfect. As an exhibitor, we felt at home and well-looked after.“

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