Design, inventive talent and extraordinary concepts



Schwaebisch Hall, September 2016. What comes from KLAFS is sending a clear

signal again and again: Design, inventive talent and extraordinary concepts are

the main reasons why KLAFS has become the innovation driver for the whole sauna

and spa industry. The latest outcome of this inventive talent is truly a

revolution for the sauna market: The sauna S1 (www.klafs-s1.com), the world’s

first sauna to retract at the touch of a button – just like the zoom lens on a



The S1 is an extremely spectacular, but in the end only the latest chapter of a

long-term success story: Since 1928, KLAFS has been creating places of

relaxation for the body and spirit. Helping the sick and protect the healthy

from disease – that is the explanation of company founder Erich Klafs why he

has devoted his life to the medical bath therapy and later the sauna.


Although the wellness trend sometimes yield strange results: The company stands

without compromise in the tradition of Erich Klafs. Wherever KLAFS is written,

there is always well-being and health in it. The company aims to enable people

to live a better life – both physically and mentally. A clear mission, which

is the motivating force for the KLAFS team day by day.


For that reason the company, which once has been a small family business, has

advanced to become a world market leader in the sauna, pool and spa sector.

Today, over 600 employees work on fulfilling – and surpassing – the growing

demands of customers. From the small, private dream sauna right up to the

luxurious hotel spa. And this across the entire world, with competent advice

from carefully trained experts and an on-site service from the experienced

service team.


With pleasing regularity, KLAFS manages to introduce surprising new concepts for

wellness and health. Together with renowned designers, the company not only

develops innovative, but also beautifully formed products. This is proven by

numerous prestigious awards, such as the “iF Product Design Award in Gold”,

the “Red Dot Design Award” or the “European Spa Award”. Therefore the

successful company has made his way up to a leading brand, which is high

profiled and highly respected in large parts of the general public. This is why

a top-class committee has chosen KLAFS for the project „Brands of the

century”. And the brand KLAFS is one of the winners of the new German Brand

Award. It is created by the German Design Council in order to award pioneering

brands and brand-builders.


In order to meet growing demands and implement the many ideas of architects and

builders with regard to sauna, pool and spa as best as possible, Klafs has

constantly expanded its range of services. From the basic concept to the

fine-tuning; from interior fittings to the completed operation, KLAFS

specialists take care of many different customer requests. This often results in

wonderful, individual solutions, such as the Dolder Grand Spa in Zurich

(Architect Lord Norman Foster) or the Biorhythm-Spa outfitting for Roomers Hotel

in Frankfurt (Nik Schweiger).


The manner in which KLAFS takes responsibility for the environment while

interpreting market developments sensitively for the individual situation can be

seen in numerous innovative developments for an efficient use of natural

resources. Intelligent control and energy saving packages such as Green Sauna or

the new Green Steam for steam baths represent a concept of ecological

sustainability, to which KLAFS is committed. The same applies to the Blue Angel

environmental seal for all saunas or for the use of timber from sustainable,

certified forestry. In each case, KLAFS is a pioneer in the market.


By these means, KLAFS sauna and spa landscapes pamper people across the world.

For example in the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich/Switzerland, the Kameha Grand in

Bonn/Germany, the Eden Roc in Ascona/Switzerland, the Momentum Spa in

Duesseldorf/Germany, the Krallerhof in Leogang/Austria, the Corinthia Hotel in

London/UK, the Faena Hotel in Miami/USA or the Shangri-La in Shanghai/China, to

name but a few.


For more information, please contact:


KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG, Erich-Klafs-Straße 1–3, D-74523 Schwäbisch Hall


Tel.: +49 (0)791 501-0, Fax: +49 (0)791 501-248 or at www.klafs.com


Image 1:


The sauna and spa world of KLAFS can be experienced at first hand. In one of the

numerous showrooms or in the House of Sauna & Spa at the headquarters of the

company in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany.


Image 2:


KLAFS is the market leader for sauna, pool and spa and the innovator in the

industry which sets new trends in sauna and spa again and again. That is the

reason why the brand KLAFS is one of the winners of the new German Brand Award.

It is created by the German Design Council in order to award pioneering brands

and brand-builders.


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