Special Exhibits 2022

f-cell Canada 2022 planned exciting presentations and exhibits at the concurrent International Trade Show, including the latest hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles!

Introducing the Hyzon Class 8

For the first time in Canada, the Hyzon Class 8 utility vehicle was a popular spot at the show. This "Zero Emissions, Zero Compromise" fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) offered similar payload, performance and refueling time to diesel, but with only water vapor as a byproduct. This Class 8 vehicle, recently deployed at the Port of Long Beach in freight transportation, has already reduced emissions in commercial transportation, one of the hardest sectors to reduce.

Presenting the 2022 Toyota Mirai

Zero emissions. Unlimited possibilities. The 2nd generation of Toyota's revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle brought more to life than ever before. More style. More space. More intelligent and intuitive technology. With a range of up to 647 km on a single tank of hydrogen, the Mirai is ready to transport you into the future, emitting only water. Zero emissions never looked so good. *Only available in select areas

Offering the latest Hydra Energy retrofit

Here is a Hydra Energy retrofitted, dual-combustion Freightliner. Hydra’s hydrogen-conversion is perfect for commercial fleets looking to reduce emissions and costs today with limited risk and no up-front investment. This truck has been graciously offered by Lodgewood Enterprises and currently operates between Prince George and Edmonton.