German Fuel Cell Cooperation GFC

The interface-coordinated complete line as a fully comprehensive production solution for metallic bipolar plates is based on the combined expertise of the three equipment manufacturers. Thanks to the partnership, GFC has comprehensive knowledge along the entire process chain as well as know-how in the individual core processes.

Weil Technology has developed the Laser Welding Cell (LWC), which precisely joins the thin metal foils at high welding speeds. For leak testing, ZELTWANGER provides not only a simpleZED BPP 4-2, which can be fully automated and also achieves very high speeds. The VON ARDENNE coating system uses cathode sputtering or magnetron sputtering in the post-coating process to coat the bipolar plates directly on both sides. The first lines are currently being built for leading companies in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. This is an ideal prerequisite for quickly and efficiently reducing dependence on fossil fuels. 

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