Technical Tours

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Go behind the scenes. See local innovators in action. Benefit from exclusive input.

Visit leading companies in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry and real pioneers in this field. The Technical Tours start at Messe Stuttgart and together we travel by bus to various companies in the region. Your physical well-being will of course be taken care of.

The participating companies 2023 are listed below.

Tour Ulm

ZSW in Ulm, Germany, is a leading European institute for the development of PEM fuel cell stacks up to 200 kWel and related performance testing. ZSW runs its own development projects, but also works closely with leading industrial fuel cell development partners: Since 2001, the unique fuel cell test centre has been dedicated to the performance characterisation of PEM fuel cell stacks, systems and components in power classes up to 250 kWel. As part of the commitment to ensuring the quality of hydrogen as a fuel, ZSW operates HyLaB, a leading analytical laboratory for hydrogen quality analysis, and also carries out measurements at hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) across Europe.

ZSW continues to drive innovation in fuel cell technology and supports the development of sustainable energy solutions. ZSW is currently undergoing a significant expansion in both areas through our HyFaB project. We invite you to join our HyFaB tour to get a first-hand impression.

Cellcentric is a joint venture of Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group and develops, produces and markets fuel cell systems for use in heavy-duty commercial vehicles as well as for other areas of application. The company leverages the know-how and experience of several decades of development work on fuel cells of its predecessor companies.

The goal is to become a leading global manufacturer of fuel cells and thus contribute to climate-neutral transportation. In our plant tour, you will already get an insight into fuel cell production and meet the people who work passionately every day on the development, production and marketing of fuel cells.

Makino is present in Europe through 4 technology centers and 8 regions. Each one focus on bringing global solutions to the local market in terms of marketing, sales, application technology and service —you can find it all in our Regional Tech Centers.

Tour Heilbronn

The DLR Institute in Lampoldshausen has been operating rocket test stands for decades, including for the large Ariane engines. These mostly use liquid hydrogen. DLR uses its expertise in handling hydrogen, gaseous and liquid (cryogenic), as well as in operating and planning hydrogen-carrying facilities, to enable companies with support and test facilities to develop new technologies with hydrogen. A hydrogen test field open to all technologies, the H2CT, is currently being created in the Zero Emission project. A larger one, the Hydrogenium, is being planned. With the construction of 2 electrolysers (H2Orizon and Zero Emission), DLR is a pioneer and demonstrator for decentralised self-sufficiency with green hydrogen. This is used on the rocket test stands and in the hydrogen test fields.

Audi AG is responsible for the development and industrialization of fuel cell technology within the Volkswagen Group. Audi can look back on more than two decades of expertise in electric drive systems using hydrogen fuel cells. The Fuel Cell Technology Competence Center is located at Audi's Neckarsulm site. Research work is carried out here in order to gain important experience under a wide variety of conditions and to remain capable of acting in this technology. To this end, Audi is working in the fuel cell technical center with its own development, production and testing of components to optimize relevant properties, such as efficiency, service life and cost-effectiveness. In addition, exchanges with various suppliers and cooperation with universities in this specialist field are important. Audi is aiming for maximum flexibility for different applications.

iinovis is a leading mobility innovation partner in the vehicle segments passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and motorbikes. With a view to decarbonisation, the company has developed hydrogen system solutions for several years. iinovis supports renowned OEMs as well as Tier X in the development of fuel cell systems and components, while benefiting particularly from its expertise in the design and testing of implementations gained over the years. Furthermore, the company also offers services in the field of thermal, fluid and electrochemical simulation, thus assisting OEMs as well as Tier X to produce and further develop future-proof systems already today. Based on this history, the company's main fields of competence are fuel cell humidifiers, design and testing.

The company has a unique selling point at its site in Bad Friedrichshall - a self-developed test stand for fuel cell components that is unique in Germany. In addition, iinovis has many years of experience in the design of thermal management for combustion engines and high-performance battery systems.

The company's goal is to be a 360° system partner for intelligent technologies and consulting in the field of hydrogen development and thus, by providing such added value, to also meet today's social requirements.