Conference: Review 2022

The Annual International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Event is Canada‚Äôs premier platform for professionals to meet, discuss and promote the latest developments in technology, policy and applications of for both hydrogen and fuel cells. 

The intriguing and dynamic program with expanded exhibition will bring the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Communities together to create further projects and connections benefiting the industry for the years to come.

Themes for 2022 in Edmonton

  • Production / Distribution / Storage: Hydrogen from fossil fuels, Electrolytic Hydrogen, Decarbonization of the steel industry, Hydrogen infrastructure and stations, H2 Blending
  • Applications / End-use: Heat for buildings, Heat for industry, Heavy-duty vehicles, Ports and maritime, Buses, Aviation, Light-duty vehicles
  • Strategy / Policy / Financing: Policy and regulations, Codes and standards, Financing