Everything a golfer's heart desires

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Discover new destinations, book golfing trips, test and buy new golf equipment - it's all on the agenda for keen golfers. For the perfect choice of club, there are numerous test, training and play opportunities available to the passionate audience, along with demonstrations and workshops:

  • large driving range
  • putting greens
  • awards
  • forum stage

There will also be lots of celebrities, golf experts, awards and attractive competitions.

Take advantage of this top event yourself to showcase your offering related to: 

  • Golf hotels
  • Golf schools
  • Golf schools
  • Golf equipment
  • Golf fashion
  • Tour operators
  • Tourist offices (national and international)
  • Air tourism | Airlines (scheduled flights)
  • Insurance companies

Current facts, figures and data from the Visitor and Exhibitor Survey 2023

Visitor and Exhibitor Survey 2023

Impressions Golf 2023