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Postponement of GlobalConnect

New date is 15 November 2022 / Reaction to the current pandemic

Comprehensive travel restrictions, immigration controls, restricted freedom of movement, personal contact bans and curfews in response to COVID-19 make the implementation of the internationally organised event GlobalConnect impossible. For this reason, the forum for exports and internationalisation has been postponed until 15 November 2022.

"In view of the dynamic development of the respiratory illness COVID-19 and the uncertainty as to how long the current emergency situation will last, GlobalConnect cannot take place this year," said Stefan Lohnert, President of Messe Stuttgart, continuing that "by keeping to the date in November 2022, we are retaining the traditional two-year cycle."

GlobalConnect lives from the exchange of ideas and opinions of small, medium-sized and large companies regarding their export and internationalisation strategies with top international experts. In addition to chambers of foreign trade and investment agencies from various countries, business consultants provide assistance for the development of foreign markets. Whether in the GlobalConnect Business Congress, in the GlobalConnect conferences or the cooperation exchange of the Enterprise Europe Network – at numerous country- and theme-specific events, first-hand concrete practical tips and information, as well as international framework conditions, are included in the programme.

However, many of the regions of origin of the participants and foreign delegations are affected by the coronavirus crisis. "We very much regret having to postpone GlobalConnect. Messe Stuttgart and its partners had worked full steam on the preparations for the event. Nevertheless, in face of the current situation, postponement is the only right decision, both in consideration of health concerns as well as the planning security for all partners, exhibitors and conference participants involved," Lohnert added.


Opinions of our partners

"Thanks to our strong, export-based economy, as well as research, tourism and society, Germany and Baden-Württemberg have close connections with partners around the world. We benefit from this in many ways, and precisely our wealth and employment are very much based on these relationships. The fact that this year GlobalConnect, as an outstanding platform for exports and internationalisation, cannot take place, is therefore very regrettable – but given the current crisis, it is unfortunately unavoidable. It is therefore all the more important that, with the next GlobalConnect, we continue to exchange ideas and opinions on the maintenance and future developments of our economic ties and delivery chains."
Winfried Kretschmann MdL, Minister-President of the State of Baden-Württemberg

Minister for the Economy Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut emphasised that it was naturally not easy to cancel this nation-wide established trade fair. But the current situation in the country and the foreign partner states makes it necessary, as protecting health is the priority. "The international foreign trade forum primarily supports small and medium-sized companies in developing foreign markets and securing international contacts. This is especially important precisely during a period of economic restructuring. In the meantime, as the German state with the strongest exporting economy, we will therefore provide a diverse promotion programme to support our companies in the area of internationalisation. Also digital formats will be increasingly offered, so that we can maintain the international exchange of goods, services and ideas even in times of travel restrictions."
Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister for the Economy, Work and Apartment Construction in Baden-Württemberg

"From our point of view, the postponement of GlobalConnect until 2022 is regrettable, but in the face of the coronavirus crisis unavoidable. Since 2008, the event has drawn the most important players in foreign business to Stuttgart, also including numerous delegations from abroad. Owing to the travel restrictions, this will not be the case this year. We at bw-i appreciate GlobalConnect as the ideal platform for exchanging ideas and opinions with domestic and foreign partners, and we will also play an active part in organising the event in 2022."
Jürgen Schäfer, Managing Director of Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i)

"For the Enterprise Europe Network, GlobalConnect is a central platform for the development of foreign markets and international connections. This also includes experts and delegations from our European partner network. On account of the coronavirus crisis, this international event is at present unfortunately not possible . However, the postponed GlobalConnect event will make an important contribution to the upturn phase after the corona crisis, and will support our craft enterprises in benefiting from the opportunities of internationalisation."
Michael Rössler, Deputy Manager of Handwerk International Baden-Württemberg, Spokesman of the Enterprise Europe Network Baden-Württemberg

"During this special period, the Chambers of Industry and Trade and the Chambers of Foreign Trade are continuing to support local developments in the individual countries with their knowledge. The individual opportunities for discussions of the IBT (international consultancy day) with the Chambers of Foreign Trade are to be offered virtually and in individual modules. We will continue to be "globally connected" and look forward to the next meeting."
Tassilo Zywietz, Managing Director, International Chamber of Trade, Stuttgart Region

"The corona pandemic shows very clearly how strong the international ties between companies are, and how essential the functioning of our international value creation chains is. GlobalConnect, as the forum for exports and internationalisation, is in this context an important supporting element for our economy, which means that precisely now we regret its postponement all the more."
Constanze Wolf, Director for SMEs – Foreign Business – Law at the State Association of Baden-Württemberg Industry

"After the corona crisis, local production will become even more important. For this purpose, highly qualified staff will be needed on location. How companies and universities can cooperate internationally and digitally in this context will be the topic of our edubiz platform. In this way, we also want to provide impetus for sustainable internationalisation at GlobalConnect 2022."
Hans Gäng, Managing Director, local global GmbH


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