Young talent at the ice cream machine

21.08.2017 - 10:05

Gelatissimo as information platform for younger ice cream specialists / New requirements for ice cream businesses

Questions related to the job of the ice cream maker are best answered by the experts themselves. At the fifth Gelatissimo from 3 to 7 February 2018 in Stuttgart the approximately 150 exhibitors will therefore focus on young talent. The numerous professionals and experts can get the potential applicants enthusiastic about their job and thus make an important contribution to the future of the industry. But it is not only the younger generation who benefits from the many well-known exhibitors, but also the bakers and confectioners who rely on a cool refreshment in the summer months by using ice cream – the entire spectrum is covered from training to the fittings and fixtures for ice cream parlours.

Recruiting young professionals

The three-year apprenticeship "Ice Cream Specialist" has been offered since August 2014. It is currently still under the patronage and support of the relevant ministry. The trainees learn everything they need to know for a career in the gastronomy sector. The subjects range from operational and personnel management to accounting and marketing through to hygiene regulations. In the final year of the apprenticeship the focus is on the manufacture of ice cream in its many different facets and forms – the schedule includes recipes, decoration and presentation, among other things. The training does not necessarily lead to a job behind the counter in an ice cream parlour: The line of work is very varied. Because ice cream specialists are also in demand in cake shops, restaurants, hotel chains and many other gastronomy operations.

Changing face of ice cream

The demand for ice cream is increasing all the time, the same as the requirements placed on the ice cream itself. Consumers who have particularly high and specific demands due to allergies or personal food preferences are a real challenge for the manufacturers. The best way of dealing with this is further development: For instance, at Gelatissimo there are numerous training providers who offer everything from courses on the production of vegan ice cream through to the classic creation of ice cream cakes. Because the ice cream business is constantly changing.




GELATISSIMO is the first trade fair to address gelato north of the Alps. Founded in 2008, it takes place every two years and is the German meeting place for everyone who has something to do with the world of gelato and who comes from all over Germany and Europe. In recent years it has developed into a regular rendezvous for all exhibitors, ice cream manufacturers and gastronomers. It is part of INTERGASTRA, the international trade fair for hospitality and gastronomy, a fixed date in the calendar for hoteliers and restaurant owners from all over Europe. At the last INTERGASTRA 1,229 exhibitors were represented, whereas almost 90,000 visitors were in attendance. The exhibition area is over 100,000 m².

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GEL_16_P_193: Focus on younger generation: Gelatissimo provides information about the profession of gelatieri Image rights: Messe Stuttgart


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