The secrets of gelato production

09.01.2020 - 10:29

Master gelato-makers Filippo Zampieron, Federico Maronati and Giorgio Ballabeni impart their knowledge at GELATISSIMO

At GELATISSIMO, the largest specialist trade fair for gelato north of the Alps and which will take place in Stuttgart between 15 and 19 February, professional gelato-makers Filippo Zampieron and Federico Maronati from the Artigeniale Rovigo School and Giorgio Ballabeni from Ballabeni Icecream in Munich will exclusively share their expertise. The live shows and workshops will be held at the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO stage in the Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10), Stand 10F52.

"Working with food and producing the best possible gelato is an ongoing process. For more than 30 years, I've been fine-tuning my recipes, working on my technique, the perfect blend of ingredients, taste and the perfect mouthfeel," says Filippo Zampieron. Along with Federico Maronati, Zampieron teaches the craft of gelato production at the Artigeniale training school in Rovigo, Italy and at workshops across Europe. The two craftsmen will demonstrate their expertise, with the focus on gelato varieties with alcohol and the difference between the flavour of vanillin and real vanilla, on Sunday 16 February from 2–3 p.m. and on Monday 17 February from 2–3 p.m. In addition, Giorgio Ballabeni will share the secrets of gelato production with his pupils. On Tuesday 18 February from 12–1 p.m., he will focus on the area of vegan gelato production, among other topics.

The stakes are raised by competitions held on every day of the trade fair
Moreover, every day of the trade fair will see the best gelatieri facing each other in gelato competitions, before the winner of the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO is announced on the fourth day. In the additional "Intercoppa" gelato competition, the three finalists from this year's Grand Prix GELATISSIMO will compete against the finalists from the two previous years in the beer gelato category.

GELATISSIMO covers the whole range of products in the gelato industry. Anyone interested can find out all there is to know about gelato production at this specialist trade fair for ice cream. In addition to the entertainment programme – which includes live shows, competitions and workshops – exhibitors from Germany and abroad will present the latest trends in shop equipment and furnishings. They will also present the entire range of resources available and current developments in ice machines and cooling technology for ice cream laboratories. "Even Italians have to admit that GELATISSIMO is the only specialist trade fair which provides a comparable level of professionalism to that back in Italy," says Markus Tischberger, Project Manager of GELATISSIMO


GEL20_PM4_Filippo_Zampieron_Artigeniale_Rovigo_School: In 1998, Filippo Zampieron founded the Artigeniale Rovigo School, where budding master gelato-makers can learn their trade and broaden their knowledge.

GEL20_PM4_Federico_Maronati_Artigeniale_Rovigo_School: Together with Filippo Zampieron, Federico Maronati introduces visitors of GELATISSIMO to the art of gelato production.

GEL20_PM4_Giorgio_Ballabeni_Ballabeni_Icecream_Muenchen: Giorgio Ballabeni demonstrates to visitors of GELATISSIMO how to make delicious vegan gelato.

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