New Structures Opening Up New Possibilities at Gelatissimo 2018


Gelatissimo and Intergastra set to join forces across 115,000 square metres / A new exhibition hall for the gelato industry

Gelatissimo will be opening its doors for the fifth time in the southwest German capital on 3-7 February 2018. Its partnership with Intergastra, a leading European trade fair in the hotel and gastronomy sector, has proven fruitful over the years. Though the event is still nearly a year away, many exhibitors are already getting a head start on booking and expanding their booth space.

Meanwhile, Stuttgart’s exhibition grounds have expanded to accommodate the continued growth of this industry gathering in 2018. Gelatissimo and Intergastra will combine to cover a total of 115,000 square metres, 15,000 of which will focus exclusively on artisanal gelato. “Hall 10 will be ready by the time Gelatissimo kicks off,” affirms Ulrich Kromer, CEO and executive board spokesman at Messe Stuttgart. “Our growing exhibition grounds are offering new opportunities to Gelatissimo and its exhibitors. The gelato industry will be right at home in the space we’re adding, and the expansion of our western entrance will facilitate additional possibilities and an optimal infrastructure.”

Baden-Württemberg’s state guild of confectioners is among those looking forward to the new Paul Horn Hall. “This new space will help keep up with the rising demand in the gelato and coffee segments,” states guild president Klaus Vollmer. “Simply put, Gelatissimo and Intergastra are essential events for every confectioner and gelato professional.”

“Exhibitor demand is high at Gelatissimo”

Thanks to Messe Stuttgart’s additional hall, the new plans for Gelatissimo and Intergastra 2018 will further enhance the topical variety that already sets this duo apart from the competition. “Exhibitor demand is high at Gelatissimo, which is why we’re making even more room for all the cold treats it will put on display next year,” reports Markus Tischberger, project manager for Gelatissimo. “The range of subjects in artisanal gelato is always growing, and the considerable interest in them made our decision to expand an easy one.”

Gelatissimo will present the latest products, hot trends, and cool ideas in a special 15,000-square-metre area dedicated to gelato in the aforementioned Paul Horn Hall. Europe’s gelato specialists, shop owners, and cafe managers are sure to encounter all of the topics of interest to them. In the adjacent Alfred Kärcher Hall (Hall 8), the Stuttgart Coffee Summit will also be taking place in its own separate space. The close proximity of these two growing segments of the to-go market promises to give both gelato and gastronomy professionals fresh ideas for helping their businesses succeed.


About Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo is the only trade fair in the world specialised in artisanal gelato made north of the Alps. In addition to attracting gelato shop owners, cafe operators, and gastronomy professionals from all across Europe to its exhibitors’ booths, it offers a broad range of accompanying attractions. Gelatissimo is also part of Intergastra, a leading international trade fair for the entire hospitality industry and one of Europe’s most important events in the hotel and gastronomy business. The extensive programme planned for the 2018 edition will span 115,000 square metres, with event organisers expecting some 100,000 visitors and 1,400 exhibitors. Meanwhile, 15,000 square metres of that total will be earmarked exclusively for Gelatissimo and gelato-related topics. As it grows in response to high levels of interest and demand, this event continues to garner rave reviews from exhibitors and professional attendees alike.

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