INTERGASTRA 2016: The success story continues

02.03.2016 - 17:16

Trade fair for gastronomy and hotel sector with new records: 96,189 visitors and 1,306 exhibitors / Significant increase in number of foreign visitors and exhibitors

Intergastra, the trade fair for dedicated hosts from the gastronomy and hotel sectors, certainly left its mark after five successful days, leaving a smile of satisfaction on the faces of exhibitors and visitors alike. The positive atmosphere was tangible at the 28th international industry get-together and this was also reflected in the figures: New records were set in Stuttgart with 96,189 (2014: 88,696) visitors and 1,306 (2014: 1,229) exhibitors.

“The increases in recent years have shown that the market is supporting our attempt to provide an important platform for the gastronomy and hotel sectors in the German-speaking region,” explained Ulrich Kromer, President of Messe Stuttgart. "Both exhibitors and visitors have confirmed that the comprehensive exhibition and its attractive programme of accompanying events ideally complement each other. This creates an atmosphere in which good discussions are conducted and concrete orders are also initiated." Following the positive development in recent years, Messe Stuttgart and its partners, the German Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baden-Württemberg e.V. (DEHOGA) and the State Association of Guilds of Baden-Württemberg Confectioners, were able to set new records and continue the success story together with the exhibitors.

"The good economic situation and the high willingness of the industry to invest are reflected at Intergastra", explains Fritz Engelhardt, Chairman of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baden-Württemberg (DEHOGA). "The successful development of the trade fair once again impressively demonstrated the economic power and dynamics of the hospitality industry. The huge interest of the trade fair guests in the special events on the DEHOGA stage in Hall 5 is also pleasing, as is the high standard of the competitions."

Klaus Vollmer, State Guild Master of the State Guild Association for the Confectionery Trade in Baden-Württemberg, also paints a positive picture. "The confectioners are very happy at Intergastra, as they are identified with their concepts and the areas of coffee, confectionery and ice cream complement each other here very well. The competitions once again revealed the creativity of the industry and offered confectioners suggestions for day-to-day work."


Strong presence in the south and growing international significance

The industry met in the south which boasts a strong gastronomical presence. The visitors from Germany who travelled to Stuttgart mainly hailed from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westfalia and Saarland. 41 percent of visitors travelled over 100 kilometres. Intergastra is able to register a significant increase in the number of foreign visitors. This year 4 percent (2014: 2 percent) of guests came from 54 countries to Stuttgart.

The visitors from the hospitality sector form the backbone of Intergastra (46 percent). The percentage of visitors from the hotel industry increased (22 percent) – also thanks to the high-ranking presentation programme Focus Hotel. The trade fair was also able to record a slight increase in the number of visitors from community catering (11 percent).

High proportion of decision-makers and large willingness to invest

The mood among the exhibitors was also very good, because the number of decision-makers among visitors was once again extremely high: 79 percent of the visitors stated they were involved in the purchasing and investment decisions. The prospects for business are excellent, because the willingness to invest was noticeable at the stands at Stuttgart's must-attend industry event. 30 percent of visitors still want to invest at the trade fair, 60 percent are planning on making purchases in the coming six months.

The guests were impressed by the first-class exhibition programme of Intergastra. This was confirmed by the top marks they awarded in response to the questions "intention to return" and "importance of the event": 84 percent of visitors regarded the exhibition programme at the industry meeting point as complete while 80 percent were also planning to come back to the next INTERGASTRA. 50 percent of visitors also feel that Intergastra will become even more important for the industry.

Successful mix of classic elements and new trends

At the 28th Intergastra the classic elements of kitchen technology/food, beverages and hotel/ambience experienced huge demand. Many visitors also obtained information on the topic of coffee at the 3rd Stuttgart Coffee Summit or on handmade ice cream at Gelatissimo. Two new topics were in great demand right from the start at Intergastra: With the pavilion "BBQ & Outdoor Village", solutions for outdoor gastronomy were presented in realistic conditions in the trade fair park. The special area "Newcome" also celebrated its première. It brought together business start-ups and makers and doers from the hospitality sector. 25 food trucks were also present at the beginning of the trade fair on 20 February and offered their culinary delicacies at their mobile restaurants.

The next Intergastra will be taking place from 3 to 7 February 2018 at Messe Stuttgart. With the new Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10), which will be completed at the end of 2017, the total hall exhibition area at Messe Stuttgart will be increased from 105,200 square metres to 120,000 square metres. This also offers new prospects for Intergastra and opens up opportunities for further growth.

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Comments from exhibitors regarding Intergastra 2016:


Anastasia Becker, Head of Trade Fair Organisation, Metro C&C Germany:
"Intergastra plays an important role. If we were not here the customers in the south would miss us. We felt there were even more visitors at the stand this year. Here at Intergastra we can present what we are unable to show in our markets – we are able to make our products a tangible experience for the customers."

Sebastian Becker, Sales Manager/Stand Manager at Dallmayr-Heimbs-Allegretto:
"The trade fair was a great success for us. We are extremely satisfied both with the turnover at the stand and the quality and quantity of the discussions. Here we met diverse individuals and we will be happy to come back again in 2018."

Andrés Quintanilla Bellucci, General Manager, La Buena Esperanza, El Salvador:
"The Stuttgart Coffee Summit is a fantastic trade fair. I didn't expect it to be so big! From farmers, roasters, retailers and machines – the range here is enormous and this is also the benefit of this event."

Ralf Bos, President, Bos Food:
"We are very happy at Intergastra and network with existing and potential customers here. The visitor structure here is excellent."

Vito Ciniero, President, MEC3:
"I am very satisfied with our trade fair appearance, because we were able to establish many new contacts. For me that is key with a trade fair, and Intergastra is excellent for this. We obtained our trade fair objectives, and I am expecting good follow-up business. We will definitely be back again next time round – hopefully with a stand on the new promenade."

Daniela Dodenhöft, Marketing, Westhoff:
"Once again Intergastra was very well organised and very well attended. Here we met a lot of good people. I am impressed with the positive reception, in particular to our new products. For us Intergastra is a very important trade fair and is becoming increasingly important - I would love if it took place every year. It goes without saying we'll be back again in 2018."

Hubert Dörr, Area Sales Manager for Gastronomy, Adelholzener:
"We are long-term exhibitors of Intergastra and here we meet existing and potential customers. In 2016 we experienced more demand from the wholesale distribution of beverages. For us Intergastra plays a very important role. Here we showcase ourselves not only to customers from Bavaria, but also to business partners from all over Germany."

Alexander Epp, President, Carpigiani:
"We are very satisfied with how Intergastra 2016 went – the trade fair already got off to an excellent start on Saturday! I am particularly pleased that it was possible to integrate the topic of ice cream here in Hall 7. A wonderful trade fair with a high-quality offering was created. I also find the Piazza superb. Overall I am very impressed and I'll definitely come again to the next Intergastra."

Christoph Feichtinger, President, Café de Guatemala:
"Here we came across a very interested and broad range of visitors at the Stuttgart Coffee Summit. Gastronomers who want to stand out have come to the right place in Stuttgart, because here they find out how they can offer high-quality coffee and get to know the suppliers."

Oliver Friedrich, Stand Manager of Dr. Oetker Professional:
"The trade fair was super, we are very satisfied. We were very well accepted with our new stand, met a qualified public and had high-quality contacts. Also in terms of trade fair logistics, everything worked out wonderfully. We'll definitely be back again next time in 2018!”

Ralph Kölch, Marketing / Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, MKN:
"For us Intergastra 2016 was superb. This year it felt as if the trade fair was stronger - we conducted excellent discussions here."

Jeff Maisel, Owner, Gebr. Maisel Brewery:
"It is always marvellous to philosophise about the diversity of beers with guests at Intergastra, to talk about sampling or to drink a wheat beer. In my opinion, listening to what our customers want in personal discussions is hugely positive. Only a trade fair like Intergastra can offer this!"

Dieter Moser, President, Orderbird:
"Intergastra 2016 went extremely well for us. The visitor figures were good, we conducted many high-quality discussions and sold many products directly at the stand. In particular, I would like to praise the cooperation with the Messe Stuttgart team: Solutions were always found, even to specific problems. We'll be delighted to come back again!"

Horst Mühlmeier, President, Pint-Inox:
"For us Intergastra is one of the most important trade fairs, and we are very satisfied with this year's event. Here at Intergastra we met our specialist retail partners. It was about presenting new products and seeing how the market reacted to these. The organisation and exhibition management were also formidable - a really fantastic get-together. It was fun!"

Melanie Nolte, Marketing Manager, WMF:
"Intergastra got off to a brilliant start: On Saturday we welcomed a huge influx of visitors at our stand, which literally nobody ignored. The remaining days of the trade fair were also extremely positive, as was the basic mood of the some very well prepared visitors who came to us with specific questions. I was also delighted that the topic of digitalisation was addressed in the opening ceremony, as we also support this area."

Michael Noven, Founder and President, acao:
"With our product we meet the trend towards organic, vegan and healthy food. The interest here was massive, and the stand was always full. On Monday morning the tasting cups had already ran out, meaning we had to order more. I think that we found our target group here and we'll also be back again in 2018."

Marco Schärf, Co-Owner, Schärf:
"This was our first time at Intergastra and it made a very favourable impression on us - both in terms of the trade fair itself and the quality and quantity of visitors. On Monday morning it was already evident that Intergastra would be an excellent trade fair for us. The coffee world in Hall 9 was excellent, because there one could highlight characteristics in direct comparison to competitors. This is why I think we will definitely be back again in 2018."

Frank Schlagenhauf, Marketing and Sales Manager, Gold Ochsen:
"We are extremely satisfied with the visitor feedback in the beer area. The rush of visitors was at times so high that nobody else could pass through. Our invited guests came, and new customer acquisition was also good. We are very happy." 

Wolfgang Schubert, Stand Manager, Meckatzer Löwenbräu:
"The trade fair was super, went very smoothly and was very successful. We had many nice, interested customers at our stand and were able to make very good direct connections with gastronomers. We will be back again in two years!"

Jochen Schwarz, Sales Manager, Rieber:
"At this year's Intergastra we had more visitors at the stand and for us all target groups were present - community catering and gastronomy. We also felt the growth of Intergastra in the company and are optimistic about the future."

Steffen Schwarz, President, Coffee Consulate:
"We are very happy that so many international coffee specialists gather here - this allows us to raise awareness for the exciting topic of coffee. The farmers had the opportunity to meet smaller roasters and establish new partnerships. The exchange of information and ideas between experts, farmers, roasters and retailers offers many opportunities."

Bernd Stark, President, Salomon Food World:
"For us Intergastra is a very important trade fair, because many end users are here and the frequency is just right. Here we met our target group - and were able to register corresponding turnover. The customers were happy to receive advice at the stand, looked for information and tips for selling to guests. Everything worked wonderfully."

Frank Völkner, Sales Director, Eckes/granini:
"Our trade fair appearance was worthwhile. We had very good visitor frequency and consistently positive feedback from diverse areas. The number of established business contacts was also very pleasing."

Gunnar Ziefle, Co-Owner, ZiefleKoch:
"The response from the public and the quality of visitors were superb. We welcomed many regular customers, but new customer acquisition also worked extremely well. In general, there is currently a very good mood in the hospitality sector and a high willingness to invest, which is also very noticeable at Intergastra. We are very satisfied, not least because on Saturday and Sunday more visitors than expected came to our stand and for the most part sought specific projects."


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