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Sorbets, smoothies and water ice a hit in ice cream parlours / Gelatissimo 2018 provides a preview of the latest trends in ice cream varieties

Until a few years ago milk-based varieties were most popular in Germany with only strawberry, banana or lemon the unrivalled bestsellers in the water ice category. The growing number, and ever more exotic choice of ice varieties, has revolutionised today's ice cream counters. When the GELATISSIMO trade fair is held from 3 to 7 February 2018, the European ice cream family will meet in Stuttgart in order to discuss innovations and trends in the coming season. One key topic on the exhibition stands will be the new varieties of ice cream which ice cream manufacturers and ice cream parlours will then offer in summer 2018. So questions like which flavours are 'in' at the moment, and what modern ice cream parlour customers are looking for, is the focus of the largest ice cream trade fair north of the Alps.
Consumer trends are tending towards healthier, fresher and low carb diets. The desire for a healthy body and soul influence demand across the board: a feeling of wellness and wellbeing has something to do with what we eat and this has also changed the selection in ice parlours. No-one wants to give up ice cream, but it should have less calories, be made of fresh ingredients and still taste good.

Spotlight on regional fruit
After years of exotic fruit success, home-grown is now enjoying increasing popularity. Aside from classic evergreen flavours like strawberry, new shooting stars are now making their début at the ice cream counter. How about the thrill of ice cream flavoured with pear, green apple or a chestnut creation in winter? By contrast, in summer the ice cream counter recalls a greengrocer's fruit stand: ice cream with melon, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, apricot, peach flavours and so on. The ice cream varieties are often refined with herbs or spices according to the season, a typical example being apricot ice cream with a hint of lavender, or pineapple ice cream with sage brittle chips, strawberry ice cream with balsamic vinegar, and even more common, classic lemon ice cream with basil or mint. In some regions, varieties like Rhinish peach with Riesling are very popular, in others, plum with curd or ice cream with poppy seeds. Tempting and always highly original varieties thanks to regional fruit familiar to us since our childhood days.

Smoothie wellness
Smoothies as ice cream are all set to become another star of the new season. Unusual combinations like fruit with spinach, carrots, courgettes, mint leaves, herbs and spices are now also available in a cone. This trend combines lightness and healthy eating. Ice cream smoothies are specialities for young customers keen to try out new flavours and experience with all the senses, while still being health-conscious. The ice cream captivates with its originality; it is refreshing and the natural colours of the vegetables shimmer cheerfully. Ice cream parlours with smoothie varieties are destined to be the pioneers of the upcoming season.

Classic and unusual ice cream varieties are the two pillars of the modern ice cream parlour
The increasingly widespread typical selection of a modern ice cream parlour includes a regular choice of classic varieties with an alternating range of new innovative flavours which often vary from one parlour to the next. The customer type determines the selection of these new flavour trends in every ice cream parlour. Thanks to increasingly discerning adult customers, new varieties are created ad hoc, which also explains the success of many alcohol-based varieties. It is amazing how the world of the ice cream parlour has developed over the past decade. And how quickly ice cream parlours respond by offering new ice cream varieties every year to address modern eating trends and demand characterised by a growing differentiation in customer tastes. Against this background, Gelatissimo is undoubtedly one of the most interesting events, supplying answers and innovative input for visitors.
Rino Bernardi, owner of the old-established ice cream parlour Gran Caffè Rino in Ochsenhausen, Bavaria (Germany's first drive-in ice cream parlour based on the American model) confirms the increased demand for new and unusual varieties. In his view, the classic varieties are the backbone of the business, but his new top seller is a creation of his own, only available in his ice cream parlour: ice cream with the Isabella grape variety, which he cultivates himself in a vineyard in Veneto. Customers love it and now, in addition to simple scoops, it is also included in a couple of the parlour's sundaes. As Bernadi remarks: "To begin with, I only had a little vineyard, but it no longer yields enough and I had to buy more ground to stay abreast of growing demand of the ice cream variety with the Isabella grapes."

About Gelatissimo:
GELATISSIMO is the only specialist trade fair on the theme of hand-made ice cream north of the Alps. The meeting point for the ice-cream family brings exhibitors together with owners of ice cream parlours, café managers and restaurateurs from all over Europe at the trade fair stands, as well as in the wide-ranging framework programme. The event forms part of INTERGASTRA, the international trade fair for the world of hospitality, which is one of the most important events in Europe for the catering and hotel business. In 2018 the comprehensive show will be presented on a surface area of 115,000 square metres and the organisers expects around 100,000 visitors and 1,400 exhibitors. A special area of 15,000 square metres is exclusively reserved for Gelatissimo and the topic of ice cream. The event satisfies the high standards driven by continued growth, and it is regularly awarded top marks by both exhibitors and trade visitors. More information, text and press photos online at www.gelatissimo.en


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