Grand Prix Gelatissimo 2018: And the winners are...


More than 100 participants in the 2nd Grand Prix Gelatissimo / Overall winner is FilippoSonego from Baden-Baden

The Grand Prix Gelatissimo was awarded for the second time already at this year's Gelatissimo, the largest trade fair for gelato north of the Alps. The gelato competition, jointly organised by Messe Stuttgart and trade magazine "Gelato Artigianale" from Italy, was a huge success again this year. More than a hundred contenders from home and abroad took part in four competitions. Their task was to produce the best gelato in the following flavours: fantasy, yoghurt and raspberry. For the young 'gelatieri' more than the three brand new Piaggio Vespas was at stake. An expert jury chose a winner every day, qualifying them for the final round and a chance to win the coveted title in the "Best and Show" category.

Competing under the jury's scrutiny
Creativity was the focus on the first competition day of the Grand Prix Gelatissimo: the participants were asked to compose gelato in a fantasy flavour. The competition set no bounds to their imagination. Besides unfamiliar flavours, unusual ingredients were also combined to produce quirky, intriguing results. The creation of Italian gelatiere Michele Marchese, Gelateria La Mandorla in Monteriggioni/Siena, Italy, was elected winner of the day.

The second and third competitions were devoted to the classic yoghurt and raspberry gelato flavours. An expert jury assessed the resulting gelato creations. The winner of the best yoghurt gelato was the young gelatiere, Filippo Sonego of Gelateria Crema Gelato in Baden-Baden. The German gelatiere, Sören Pollich of Eis Café Potsdam in Potsdam took first place for his recipe and making of his raspberry gelato.

The final competition day brought all three winners together: they competed against each other in the "Best and Show" category to produce the perfect pistachio gelato. All stages of gelato making came under scrutiny from an attentive audience and the watchful eyes of expert gelatieri Antonio Amati and Roberto Lurahi. In the end, Filippo Sonego came out on top as the overall winner. He now holds the title of "Best and Show" until it is challenged at Gelatissimo 2020.

The competition took place in the new Hall 10 (Paul Horn Hall) at Messe Stuttgart. Excellent synergies were created with Intergastra, held at the same time on the trade fair grounds, revolving around the subjects of gelato, catering, hotels, beverages and coffee. In all, the Gelatissimo and Intergastra shows attracted more than 1,400 exhibitors and around 100,000 visitors to Stuttgart.

The next Gelatissimo will take place from 15 to 19 February 2020 at Messe Stuttgart. For more information please visit


The jury's decision on the first round of the competition at the Grand Prix Gelatissimo 2018

Andreas Wiesinger of Messe Stuttgart presents the award to Filippo Sonego

GEL18_PM08_Vespa Rossa:
Dr. Thomas Brück, Eisunion presents Sören Pollich with the Vespa

The highlight of the entire event: representing the sponsors, Dr. Elena Re Fraschini reads out the names of the winners

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