The popular gelato competition

Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10)

The best gelato makers again competed against one another at GELATISSIMO 2020. Their task: to produce the best gelato in the hazelnut, yoghurt and strawberry flavours on the first three days of the competition. An expert jury then selected the winner on each day. The winners received a brand-new Vespa and qualified for the final round.

The champion of the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO was determined during the grand finale on the fourth day of the trade fair: the finalists from the previous three days provided a live demonstration of their skill producing the best mango gelato. The expert jury then selected the overall winner and handed over the coveted trophy, the Coppa GELATISSIMO.

An additional gelato competition, the "Intercoppa", was staged for the first time in 2020 on the last day of the trade fair. The three finalists in the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO 2020 competed here against the Grand Prix finalists from the two previous years in the category "beer gelato". The best gelato maker was not only able to enjoy a proper litre of beer afterwards, but also won a Caribbean cruise!


Overview of the winners

  • Preliminary round  „category hazelnut“
    Danilo Sebastianelli (ice cream parlour La Piazza, Aschheim / Munich)
  • Preliminary round „category yoghurt“
    Antonio Saccardo and Fabio Bernarda (ice cream parlour Gondola, Hannover)
  • Preliminary round „category strawberry“
    Sören Pollich (Eismanufaktur Potsdam, Postdam)
  • Final Grand Prix GELATISSIMO „category mango“
    Antonio Saccardo and Fabio Bernarda (ice cream parlour Gondola, Hannover)
  • Additional competition Intercoppa „category beer gelato“
    Franco Barletta (Eismanufaktur Barletta, Berlin)

Grand Prix GELATISSIMO stage programme 2020

10.00 am

Registration of candidates and start of the freezing process

03.00 pm End of the freezing process and selection of the ice-cream samples
04.00 pmEvaluation by the jury
04.30 pm

Awarding ceremonies

11.00 am preparation of ice cream mixtures (category mango ice cream)
12.00 am Start of the freezing process
01.30 pmEvaluation by the jury
02.30 pm Award ceremony: Presentation of the winner's trophy „Coppa GELATISSIMO“
11.00 am 

Preparation of ice cream mixtures (Category beer ice cream, the beer is sponsored by the brewery Gold Ochsen)

12.00 am Start of the freezing process
01.30 pmEvaluation by the jury
14.30 Uhr Award ceremony: handover of the voucher for a Caribbean cruise

The secrets of gelato production

Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10,)

At the largest trade fair for handcrafted gelato north of the Alps, the gelato professionals Filippo Zampieron and Federico Maronati from the Artigeniale Rovigo School and Giorgio Ballabeni from Ballabeni Ice Cream Munich shared their expertise in live shows and workshops exclusively on the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO stage from 15 to 19 February.

Impressions Grand Prix GELATISSIMO