Around 40,000 cycling and outdoor freaks

40,000 active holiday-makers on 2 days

Cycling & Hiking Holidays 2020 will be a highly efficient marketing and sales tool for suppliers in the growing active and outdoor leisure segment. Around 40,000 well-informed visitors with a propensity to purchase will stream through the fully occupied Hall 9 on the first weekend of CMT – the world's largest consumer show for tourism and leisure with more than 260,000 visitors


Your turnover will take off here

In 2019, 349 exhibitors from 17 countries presented new destinations, trends, bikes and innovative accessories for cycling, outdoor and hiking tours. There was also a new Thermals section which attracted crowds of visitors to Hall 10. Start your sales season at Cycling & Hikin Holidays 2020. The facts and figures will convince you.


Perfect setting for presentations and sales

The interaction between the accompanying programme, demonstrations, the test course and the first-rate exhibiting conditions represent an ideal sales environment for your products and services. You can gladly take part in the accompanying programme and therefore secure an additional "position" in Cycling & Hiking Holidays 2020.

Facts and figures in 2019


  • Around 40,000 cycling, outdoor, hiking and thermals enthusiasts
  • 24 % travelled a distance of more than 100 kilometres
  • 40 % were interested in cycling holidays, 40 % in hiking holidays, 39 % in adventure holidays, 23 % in bicycle hardware
  • 51 % of visitors were men, 49 % women
  • The average age was 47 years
  • The average household net income was 3621,- Euro
  • 71 % of visitors were intending to make purchases during the trade fair
  • 76 % of visitors were intending to make purchases/bookings after the trade fair
  • 80 % rated the exhibition as very good or good
  • 93 % said they would recommend the trade fair to other people
  • 94 % of visitors rated the offer as totally complete or partially complete
  • The average time spent at the trade fair was 5.2 hours


  • 349 exhibitors from 17 countries
  • The exhibitors awarded the exhibition the school mark 1.8
  • 98 % were satisfied with the number of interested customers
  • 86 % rated their trade fair attendance as more successful or just as successful as in the previous year
  • 80 % rated their trade fair success as very good or good
  • 94 % would definitely or probably recommend the exhibition to other people

Source: Visitor and exhibitor figures at Cycling & Hiking Holidays 2019


The exhibition range

  • Cycling regions in Germany and abroad
  • Cycling hotels
  • Bicycles (city, hybrid, trekking, mountain bikes, 
    touring/folding, electric, racer, customised and children's bicycles)
  • Bicycle accessories
  • Cycling clothes
  • Route planner | GPS | Cycling maps
  • Clubs, associations, organisations
  • Hiking regions in Germany and abroad
  • Hiking hotels
  • Hiking holidays, hiking and study holidays
  • Trekking holidays
  • Nordic Walking
  • Equipment, outdoor clothing

Exhibitor opinions 2019

  • We are at this theme trade fair with our Italy stand for the first time, and are very content, it went great for us. Next weekend we will also present ourselves at the Golf and Wellness exhibition. Mention must also be made of the support provided by Messe Stuttgart. It was simply first-class. The position of our stand was perfect and we benefited from the large number of visitors. The people here wanted complete holiday packages with tours, hiking trails and an entertaining evening programme. We were able to offer all of this. In other words, the target group and offers were ideally matched.

    ENIT, Antonella Rossi, Head of Communication and Marketing

  • On Saturday, a great number of hiking club members came and there was a lot going on. People then also knew what the German Hiking Day involves. On Sunday, there were also lots of visitors, but more mixed and also some families. Our thematic programmes relating to cycling and hiking are ideal for the target public at the exhibition. We are totally satisfied. We will come back again in 2020 as Sauerland.

    German Hiking Day, Susanne Kleinsorge, Marketing

  • We were at F & W for the first time and had an absolutely positive surprise. The target group of this trade fair was ideal for our products. Most people were over the age of 40 and were very interested in and receptive to new technologies. After our positive experience at the trade fair in Stuttgart, we want to come back next year.

    I lock It (Haveltec), Thomas Just, Project Manager

  • On Saturday, already at five past nine there were lots of visitors at our stand, and it carried on like this the whole day. On Sunday it was more relaxed, but still full. We were able to conduct lots of good discussions with end customers and offer great customer advice. We fully achieved our trade fair objective. F & W is perfect for us with regard to the timing, the location and the public.

    Riese & Müller, Alexander Bahl, Project Manager

  • As always, this was another great weekend. We handed out lots of brochures and held good discussions, and there were always large numbers of visitors at our stand. There was great demand for both cycling holidays and hiking holidays. The visitors were very mixed. The Stuttgart region is extremely important to us since very many guests from here come to our area. The date of the exhibition right at the start of the year is also ideal. Both days of the exhibition were fantastic and there was a real run especially in the mornings.

    Allgäu/Nesselwang, Bernadette Manz, Alpsee-Grünten-Tourismus

  • On Saturday, things really started moving already at 9 o'clock, on Sunday a little later - people then want to sleep in, and then stay a little longer. The message is clear: Each year, people come with concrete questions and intentions. In addition, there's the target group of people just looking for inspiration, which was the case again this year. For cycling and hiking tourism, the F & W trade fair takes place at just the right time. Many visitors appreciate the sometimes unusual offers encountered at F & W. In 2019, the cycling tourism catalogue Deutschland per Rad entdecken (Discover Germany by Bicycle) published by the ADFC (German Cycling Club) was presented directly at the F & W trade fair for the first time (otherwise at ITB), and the magazine met with a fantastic response. The timing for this, right at the start of the year in January, is simply ideal.

    Frank Hofmann, Deputy National Chairman of the ADFC and moderator of the stage programme

  • The cycling and hiking trade fair is an excellent opportunity to talk to people who want to go on a cycling holiday, but also people wanting to extend B2B contacts. We are again very satisfied with the exhibition weekend and will be back again next year with an exhibition stand and a stage programme. Also in 2019, the stage programme was again a good mixture and well attended.

    Kathleen Lumma, Director of ADFC, Baden-Württemberg Association

  • We've often been to the F & W trade fair, this year for the first time with a larger stand positioned right by the entrance, and we were very pleased with the visitor frequency and quality. Our test course also proved extremely popular, visitors asked a large number of very detailed questions. The visitors were very mixed, and some were already interested in the second generation of e-bikes. Prices played more of a secondary role, purchasing power was and still is high. The trade fair weekend was all good, the Saturday was very good, the customers were already there at 9 o'clock and showed keen interest. We'll presumably be back next year.

    Shimano, Konrad Weyhmann, Publicity Work

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Impressions from Cycling & Adventure Holidays 2019