VON ARDENNE is a mechanical engineering company based in Germany with a global network. The company develops and manufactures coating equipment for the deposition of ultra-thin functional layers on materials such as metal strip, glass, and wafers. Their machines are based on a platform design and are scalable from R&D to pilot production to high-volume production.

VON ARDENNE is committed to advancing the development of a sustainable mobility and emission-free, eco-friendly energy supply. One of their contributions is coating equipment for the deposition of functional layers on bipolar plates for fuel cell manufacturing.

They have joined forces with the equipment providers Weil Technology and Zeltwanger within the German Fuel Cell Cooperation. You can benefit from the expertise of all three companies at every step in the process chain for the low-cost and highly productive manufacturing of the fuel cells and electrolyzers of the future.


Want to learn more and meet the experts in person?

⏩ Visit the VON ARDENNE team at their booth on 04 and 05 October 2022!