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The use of modern laser deflection units in fuel cell technology makes sense not only because of its speed, accuracy, and effectiveness in industrial production, it also brings with it a major competitive advantage. Lasers cut and weld the bipolar plates with extreme precision without contact, force, or wear. Laser deflection units act as true drivers of innovation in the manufacturing process because they help to bring fuel cells into series production.

The AXIALSCAN FIBER-50: pre-focusing deflection laser system for pre-settable process field sizes between 250 x 250 mm² and 850 x 850 mm² is to date the only one of its kind on the market and also very well suited for producing fuel cells. An optional monitoring module is also available. This offers camera monitoring with autofocusing, as well as a second channel for adapting welding monitoring systems. The automatic focus tracking of the camera, in particular, represents a unique selling point of the product in the market.


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