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PVD coatings for H2 technology

For the vacuum coating of BiPs for PEMFC and PEMWE, PVT has developed two different in-line coating systems for high-industrial throughput. In both systems, with 4 respectively 3 chambers, different customized coating processes can be performed, whether it is magnetron sputtering, arc evaporation or PE-CVD. The i-L 4.3500 is a coating system which can coat 5.000.000 bipolar plates / year with the dimensions approx. 150 mm x 500 mm. The substrate carrier has a dimension of 3.5 x 1.5 m. In addition to the bipolar plates for fuel cells the larger BiPs for electrolysers can also be coated. With the i-L 3.5000 the maximum substrate size is about 1 m x 1 m. In both systems cost per plate are typically < 1.00 Euro, while depending on the process cost can be even significantly lower.


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