Mission Hydrogen GmbH

Free Hydrogen Knowledge

Mission Hydrogen GmbH aims to support, promote and enable the global hydrogen society. Mission Hydrogen GmbH is dedicated to helping companies succeed in the hydrogen industry.

They are the independent partner of the worldwide community, host online events for free and provide consultancy to companies to help them forge a successful and profitable future in the hydrogen industry. They believe that a hydrogen society will only be possible if we cooperate. The production and usage of green hydrogen is crucial to decarbonize the industry and the transportation sector and to protect the climate.

Now is the time to strengthen the hydrogen economy, to cultivate it and to involve more companies, entrepreneurs, politicians as well as the media. That’s why Mission Hydrogen hosts free weekly international webinars on the subject of Hydrogen and two of the world’s largest interactive hydrogen events


Want to learn more and meet the experts in person?

⏩ Visit the Mission Hydrogen team at their booth on 04 and 05 October 2022!