German Fuel Cell Cooperation GFC

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From metal strip to fuel cell system in a full line 

Leading companies in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry thus have access to the combined knowledge of three flexible and reliable equipment manufacturers - the ideal prerequisite for reducing dependence on fossil fuels quickly and efficiently. 

At f-cell, they will present for the first time an interface-matched complete line for the production of the metallic bipolar plate.

VON ARDENNE will showcase its expertise in the construction of vacuum coating systems used to functionalize surfaces of metal strip (pre-coating) or bipolar plates (post-coating). Weil Technology is an experienced supplier of equipment in the field of laser cutting and laser welding of metallic bipolar plates. ZELTWANGER contributes the plant technology for automated assembly and testing processes as well as leak testing to the production chain. 

Thanks to the partnership, GFC has comprehensive knowledge along the entire process chain as well as know-how in the individual core processes. Customers benefit from fully comprehensive production solutions.


Want to learn more and meet the experts in person?

⏩ Visit the GFC-team at their booth 2C12 on 04 and 05 October 2022!