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Testing the Performance of Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are characterised on the basis of performance and durability tests. Polarisation and power density curves are important indicators of the performance. For long-therm ageing tests, a test system with power regeneration can save energy and operating costs. Testing fuel cells requires a flexible test system that delivers precise results and covers the test requirements in the high current and high voltage range.

Their measuring solution: Bidirectional power supplies and regenerative loads (e. g. 63200A, ELR-10.000 from Chroma and EA) are core elements of the test bench for fuel cells and stacks. Programmable resistance functions enable dynamic load to be tested under different load conditions. To test non-linear output characteristics, the user can define a discharge current as a function of voltage via an integrated function generator. This enables the performance and properties of a wide range of fuel cells to be simulated at the push of a button.


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