Our hygiene concept

Measures for the controlled and safe staging of events at Messe Stuttgart

Trade fairs and exhibitions in Stuttgart can be staged safely. Messe Stuttgart has formulated a concept to protect the health of its exhibitors, visitors and employees. These are the measures:

  • The recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute on hygiene must be observed (www.rki.de).
  • The trade fair grounds of Messe Stuttgart have a building management system of the highest technical standards. This enables intensive air exchange to take place in the exhibition halls.
  • The trade fair halls are ventilated with a higher fresh air volume in order to guarantee a continuous supply of fresh air.
  • The entire buildings/halls and all conference rooms are continuously supplied with fresh air.
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection in the sanitary areas and in highly frequented contact areas (such as banisters) throughout the trade fair grounds have been increased during event operations. The trade fair grounds are equipped with sufficient hand sanitiser dispensers and information boards at the entrances and exits, toilets, as well as in front of the food areas. Exclusively non-reusable towels (paper towels) are used in the sanitary areas.
  • Information about infection protection and the associated rules of conduct are depicted in the rooms as signs.
  • Transparent partitions made of glass and plastic are installed at every counter where there is contact between employees of Messe Stuttgart or service companies and attendants of events (e.g. at counters in the Press Centre, VIP-Lounge, the trade fair shop, cloakrooms, service offices, information counters).
  • Lifts may only be used by two people at the same time.
  • Lifts should be reserved for individuals with restricted mobility and for parents with prams, buggies, etc.
  • The use of open staircases, e.g. in the foyer of the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart, is recommended.

2.1 Distancing regulations

During the time spent on the trade fair grounds, a minimum distance of 1.5m between persons is recommended.

Messe Stuttgart supports compliance with social distancing rules by means of corresponding floor markings in relevant areas. You can find the current social distancing rules in our leaflet (PDF, 92 KB)

2.2 Number of visitors

  • In order to comply with the distance regulations between persons, the number of persons present at the same time is determined for each trade fair, exhibition and in the exhibition area of a congress: Please see the fact sheet  (PDF, 92 KB)for currently valid distance regulations.
  • Operators, organisers, exhibitors and their employees and other persons involved will not be included in the calculation.

2.3 Obligation to wear a mask

During their stay on the trade fairgrounds, persons from the age of six years must wear a medical mask. 

Persons who do not comply with the rules on wearing masks have to leave the premises.

Exceptions from the obligation to wear a mask are made:

  • for individuals for whom wearing a medical mask is not possible or appropriate for health or other reasons (evidence of medical certificate),
  • when eating or drinking seated at tables on trade fair stands or in the catering areas within the buildings.
  • Children aged 5 and under do not have to wear a mask.
  • In outdoor areas if the minimum distance of 1.5m to other persons can be guaranteed.

The implementation of and conscientious compliance with the protection and hygiene regulations applicable on the exhibition grounds at the time of the event are the responsibility of Messe Stuttgart for its own events and the responsibility of the organiser for guest events. These requirements apply in addition to our „Technical Guidelines (PDF, 365 KB)“.

2.4.  Access conditions

As mentioned at the beginning, we attach the utmost priority to the health and safety of our exhibitors, partners and visitors. This means that only visitors who have been vaccinated, have recovered from a SARS-CoV2 infection or have tested negative for the coronavirus may take part in events on the trade fair grounds of Messe Stuttgart (trade fairs, events, congresses). In order to ensure that an event can be staged without restricting the number of visitors, the 3G regulations must be observed on the trade fair grounds. 

To enable operation without restrictions on the number of visitors, the access rules have to be observed: Visitors have to be either vaccinated, recovered from SARS CoV2 or tested negative (3G).

The current Baden-Württemberg Corona Ordinance establishes a three-level system in order to avoid an overload to the health care system:

1) Basic level: The currently valid regulations remain applicable: visitors have to be either vaccinated, recovered or tested.  
2) Warning level: For non-immunised visitors, PCR testing is mandatory.
3) Alert level: Non-immunised visitors are banned from entering and participating (2G).

For exhibitors, stand constructors and stand personnel, the regulations of the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg under § 18 General Operational Testing and the Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance § 4 Paragraph 1 of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance must be observed.

The following are also exempt from the PCR test obligation (warning level) or the access and participation ban (alert level):

  • Persons up to and including 17 years of age who are no longer attending school.
  • Persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. In this case, a corresponding medical certificate must be presented.
  • Persons for whom there is no general vaccination recommendation by the Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO).
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, as there has only been a vaccination recommendation by the STIKO for these groups since 10 September 2021.

These persons must alternatively present a negative rapid antigen test at both stages.

Children up to and including 5 years of age and children who have not yet started school, as well as schoolchildren, do not have to present proof of testing and are generally exempt from the testing obligation or the ban on entry and participation in the alert level (2G).

Fully vaccinated persons

Vaccinated persons must provide proof of their complete vaccination. The proof of vaccination according to § 2 Number 3 of the COVID-19 Safeguards Exemption Order (SchAusnahmV) can be provided in digital as well as analogue form by:

Recovered persons

Recovered persons require proof of a positive PCR test (or proof of another nucleic acid test), which is at least 28 days old and no more than six months old. 

The following testing methods are accepted:

  • PCR test
    The sample collection is carried out by medical staff - the evaluation by laboratories at all public testing centres in the country. The PCR must not be older than 48 hours.
  • Rapid antigen tests/Point-of-care (PoC) antigen test
    Citizen’s tests or offers from employers, schools and service providers can be used for this purpose. The rapid antigen test must not be older than 24 hours.

Presentation of a test certificate

The person presents a written or digital confirmation of a negative testing result that was obtained by one of the a.m. methods to the organiser. This entitles the person to attend the event.

The confirmation must include the following:

  • Date and time of the test
  • Name of the tested person
  • Place, institution and responsible person who carried out the test

The following persons are not obliged to take a test:

  • Children aged 5 and under, kindergarten pupils and children who have not yet started school
  • Pupils at primary and secondary schools, students at special educational and counselling centres (SECC), and students at vocational schools

 In case of doubt, proof can be provided here in the form of a corresponding identity card, e.g.  a child passport or a student ID card. 

  • In the run-up to the event (e.g. during registration), all participants in the event (visitors, exhibitors, journalists, employees, service company employees, etc.) will be informed about the hygiene and protection measures.
  • Reference to the measures will be made on the trade fair grounds in a suitable form and to an adequate extent (posters/notices, flyers, loudspeaker announcements, etc.).
  • Protection and hygiene measures will be supplemented by specially trained personnel on the trade fair grounds. Messe Stuttgart employs specially trained staff to control the observation of the required distancing regulations.
  • Messe Stuttgart recommends that visitors use the Luca-App and additionally the Corona warning app of the Federal government.
  • A ban on entering the premises or participating in events applies to persons

    • who do not wear a medical mouth and nose cover,
    • who cannot present proof of an accepted negative COVID-19 rapid test, a vaccination documentation or proof of a confirmed infection.
    • who do not agree to the recording of their contact data.

  •  In the catering areas of Messe Stuttgart and its service partners, the contact tracing is realised with the Luca app.
  • For trade fair restaurants, bistros, catering and tastings during events on the entire venue, the valid protection and hygiene regulations according to the applicable Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg apply.
  • Compliance with the applicable rules for gastronomy and catering is ensured by spacing gastronomic offers well apart, using out-door areas (e.g. as Food Courts), offering food to-go and by planning special areas for the consumption of food (seating tables).
  • The catering staff at the trade fair stand must wear a medical mask when serving food.
  • The mask can be taken off on the venue for the time of consuming food and beverages. The distance regulations have to be observed during this time.
  • At trade fairs, congresses and conferences, keeping the minimum distance between participants is made possible by arranging the seating in conference rooms and other areas accordingly.
  • The aisles (≥ 3 metres) between the exhibition stands are designed for the number of people expected at the same time. Floor markings help to follow the walking directions in the aisles.
  • If necessary, (for example for sales activities into the aisles) the width of the aisles has to be adjusted in order to ensure that the protection and waiting zones along the stands are unaffected.
  • The areas on the front sides of the halls remain free, if necessary, in order to provide sufficient space for queuing in front of the sanitary facilities and bistros. To this end, the necessary waiting areas for sanitary and gastronomic facilities are planned carefully in advance on the basis of expected visitor numbers.
  • In the exhibitor and visitor communication, the applicable public regulations and notification channels on the venue are thoroughly explained well ahead of the event.
  • Entry codes which (specialist) visitors received from media, exhibitors or Messe Stuttgart in advance, can be redeemed online at the Messe Stuttgart ticket shop.
  • Visitors will only receive their tickets in advance and online via the Ticket Shop of Messe Stuttgart. Every ticket is valid for a defined event day. No season tickets lasting several days will be issued. However, it will be possible to attend an event on several days. For this purpose, it is necessary to register individually for each desired visit day and provide the necessary access requirements according to the current access conditions (see 2.4). Registration will ensure that all participants can be traced if necessary. There will also be no queues at the cash desks. 
  • Visitor tickets will be issued with a specified time of entry, if necessary.
  • As of now, all attendants in an event on the trade fair grounds and in the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart are subject to a full registration. This means: All essential personal data have to be provided at the advance online registration.
  • The maximum number of visitors on the venue and in the ICS is monitored. The event organiser shall assure that the maximum number of visitors is not exceeded with targeted measures (e.g. locking turnstiles). At full capacity, access is no longer possible.
  • To avoid physical contact, particularly in the entry phase, contactless access control, electronic admission tickets (preregistration) and electronic payment are preferred.
  • Queuing is limited and made safe by means of access control and distance markers on the floor. A controlled visitor guidance supports compliance with the distancing rules.
  • The access for exhibitors and visitors will be arranged via the largest possible number of entrances and exits.
  • Contactless payment facilities are being set up in many areas at Messe Stuttgart. This involves,  for example, the Messe restaurants and bistros. Messe Stuttgart is following established solutions in the retail trade in this respect. 

  • Deviations are possible with guest events. They must be clarified beforehand with Messe Stuttgart.

  • There is an obligation to fully register all individuals present (visitors, exhibitors, event organisers, employees, service partners, stand personnel, set-up and dismantling staff, delivery companies etc.) so that the health authorities can reconstruct the chains of infection if necessary.
  • Only day tickets may be sold. The sale of multi-day tickets is not allowed due to contact tracing.
  • The use of the contact tracing app Luca is recommended for all participants.
  • Deviations are possible with guest events. They must be clarified beforehand with Messe Stuttgart.

  • The following “Measures at the Trade Fair/Exhibition Stand” are part of the hygiene concept of Messe Stuttgart. They are based on the currently valid requirements and the hygiene specifications of the Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg in particular. It is recommended to observe the regulations as a minimum requirement for your trade fair appearance.
  • The implementation of and conscientious compliance with the protection and hygiene regulations applicable on the exhibition grounds at the time of the event are the responsibility of Messe Stuttgart. Whereas at the trade fair stand, it is the responsibility of you as an exhibitor - comparable with occupational health and safety acts or fire protection. These requirements apply in addition to the „Technical Guidelines (PDF, 365 KB)“.
  • It is mandatory to appoint a person in charge for the event management who can be contacted at any time (valid for set-up and dismantling times, as well as exhibitor opening times) with mobile contact details.
  • Stand construction planning/stand construction concepts must comply with the valid Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg with regard to distancing and hygiene regulations.

    • In general, the minimum distance between people must be observed. Please see the fact sheet “At a glance (PDF, 92 KB)” for currently valid distance regulations.
    • If the minimum distancing requirement cannot be observed, personal contact must be counteracted with suitable structural measures (e.g. protective screen) or personal protective equipment (medical mask).
    • Sufficient open space must be reserved within the stand area for visitors for product presentations and presentations.
    • For direct selling from the stand into the aisles, attention must be paid to the positioning of counters and showcases so that there are sufficient waiting and protection zones along the sales area. This can be done with a correspondingly wide aisle or by moving the counters and showcases into the stand.
    • In order to comply with the current hygiene and distance regulations, sufficient space must be planned around exhibits, if necessary with social distancing markings on the floor.
    • Two-storey stands are only permitted if the areas underneath are open plan ands sufficient air exchange is guaranteed. Two-storey stands have to have be equipped with sufficiently wide staircases for opposing visitor flows or planned with a one-way system on the staircase.
    • Meeting rooms and work spaces temporarily constructed in the halls must have open ceilings so that sufficient air exchange is guaranteed.

Hygiene measures

  • Set-up and dismantling times must be adapted to requirements where necessary, as compliance with social distancing and hygiene regulations may lead to delays in the set-up and dismantling.
  • The currently applicable entry and quarantine requirements of the German Federal Foreign Office have to be observed.
  • For all further measures please refer to chapter General hygiene measures on the trade fair grounds.

General information

  • The following “Measures for planning an event” are part of the hygiene concept of Messe Stuttgart. They are based on the currently valid requirements and the hygiene specifications
    of the Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg in particular. We recommend to observe
    the regulations listed in the “At a glance” fact sheet as a minimum requirement for your
    trade fair appearance.
  • The following measures for planning an event form part of the hygiene concept of Messe Stuttgart and are based on the currently valid requirements, especially the hygiene requirements in the Corona Ordinance of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. We recommend that you observe the requirements in our leaflet Corona Regulations as the minimum standard for your trade fair appearance.

  • The implementation of and conscientious compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations applicable on the trade fair grounds at the time of the event is the responsibility of Messe Stuttgart or the event organiser. These requirements apply in addition to our Technical Guidelines. Please note that the following measures represent the framework for the eligibility for granting a permit for your event. The details must be agreed with Messe 
     Stuttgart and submitted to the authorities when registering the event. 

  • This general information for planning an event also represents the framework for the eligibility for granting a permit for your event. The details must be agreed with Messe Stuttgart and submitted to the authorities when registering the event. 

  • The maximum number of people in one room must be observed. 

  • Entrance areas and foyers must have a clear visitor routing structure for orientation 
     (marking and/or sign concept). 

  • For events with over 500 people during the day it must be agreed with the event organiser whether additional mobile cloakrooms are required in the entrances. The areas for waiting zones in front of permanent cloakrooms in the entrances are too small depending on the particular situation. 

  • The hall layout must take into account sufficient open spaces for all event participants. For the purpose of planning, Messe Stuttgart will provide sample plans which comply with the current Corona Ordinance. 

  • It is recommended that additional waiting zones, communication zones and rest zones be created. Certain waiting zones (e.g. permanent cloakrooms, information counters, etc.) are already marked on the trade fair grounds in accordance with the hygiene concept of Messe Stuttgart. 

  • The organiser must formulate a hygiene concept according to the valid Corona Ordinance of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and submit it in writing to Messe Stuttgart and the responsible authorities when requested to do so. 

  • Social distancing and hygiene regulations may lead to delays in the set-up and dismantling; if necessary, the set-up and dismantling times must be adapted accordingly. 

  • The event organiser will implement targeted measures (e.g. locking turnstiles) to ensure that this maximum number of visitors is not exceeded. Access is no longer possible at full capacity. 

  • The event organiser is responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements applicable at the time of the event regarding safety and hygiene, particularly for avoiding the spread and infection of trade fair participants with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (so-called coronavirus), are met. The organiser must process data for the purpose of contact tracing according to the valid Corona Ordinance. In that respect, Messe Stuttgart has a right of access, scrutiny and 
     instruction, unless proven outweighing concerns of the event organiser provide otherwise. 

  • For the operation of snack bars in the halls, areas in front of the snack bars must be kept clear for the catering companies to allow for the set-up of tables/seats for the snack bars. Ask our Project Manager Technology about the defined areas. 

  • If necessary, the areas at the heads of the halls will be kept free in order to create enough space for queuing areas at the sanitary facilities and bistros. For this purpose, the necessary waiting areas for toilets and the gastronomy area must be determined in the planning phase based on the expected number of visitors. 

  • The aisles (≥ 3 metres) between the exhibition stands are designed for the number of people expected at the same time. Participants in the trade fair can therefore move freely in the aisles whilst still observing the social distancing rules. Messe Stuttgart recommends an aisle width of at least 4 metres.

  • If required (e.g. direct selling in the aisle area), the width of the aisle must be chosen so that the protection and waiting zones along the stands are observed.

  • In the planning phase attention must be paid to targeted visitor guidance and active visitor management through professional crowd management (e.g. specially trained security service personnel). 

  • Only a maximum of two people may use the lifts at the same time. Lifts should be reserved for individuals with restricted mobility and for parents with prams. 

  • Messe Stuttgart recommends managing the visitor flow from the inner routes into the halls via the fire protection doors and gates. 

  • Stand construction concepts must be adapted according to the current social distancing and hygiene regulations. 

  • If the minimum distance is not observed, personal contacts and meeting areas with tables and chairs must be compensated by suitable physical barriers (e.g. perspex screens). 

  • Stand parties are prohibited. 

  • When the seating plans are drawn up, measures should be implemented to ensure a minimum distance between people. 

  • Requirements arising from the current Corona Ordinance must be observed.

Hygiene measures 

  • In agreement with Messe Stuttgart it is recommended to implement regular visual and acoustic information messages with general and special safety notices with regard to disinfection protection and the associated rules of conduct in the entrance areas. 
  • The organiser must appoint a hygiene officer who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the standards before and during the event. This task can also be performed by the Event Manager. For all other measures, please also refer to the General hygiene measures on the trade fair grounds in the hygiene concept. 

Conference rooms

  • The seats must be arranged or marked in such a way that a minimum distance can always be maintained.
  • The minimum distance rule should also be observed in face-to-face conversations or during breaks.
  • Please note that walking routes, as well as entrances and exits are predefined where necessary. It can therefore be ensured that the paths of the visitors do not cross.
  • There should be separate entrances and exits (where space allows).
  • The common areas should be generously designed based on the number of participants so that the minimum distance between people can be observed.
  • The designation of catering zones with tables (small units) is advisable.
  • You can find the current minimum distance in our leaflet Corona Regulations. (PDF, 92 KB)

Event Manager

  • For the duration of the use of conference rooms the contracting party shall appoint an event manager as a person in charge who is available at all times.
  • The event manager shall ensure that the hygiene and social distancing rules are observed when people are entering and exiting the event and during the actual event, and the requirements of the Law on the Prevention of Infection are complied with.
  • Please also take note of the following Contact tracing.

For information about the venue, safety and hygiene, please contact safeexpo(at)messe-stuttgart.de.

According to the current Corona Ordinance, the basic level applies to visitors (as of 22.09.2021). Any changes are announced by the district.


Further information on the entry of international guests

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