Progress reports
  • "I have been entering the dates of Messe Stuttgart events in my calendar since the start of the 1980s: Even as a student the annual visit to CMT with my father was the highlight at the start of the year! I was definitely infected with the "trade fair bug" it for my professional activities in the area of tourism and leisure or the food and drinks industry: The marketing part 'trade fair' was always to the front in my mix of tasks. As an active exhibitor at trade fairs in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Paris, Zurich and of course Stuttgart I was able to gain lots of experience in organising and handling trade fairs. When the opportunity arose in 2008 to be part of organising the trade fair business from the event organiser side, my decision was made quickly! As a trade fair project manager with a team of technical gurus, "MaFo masters", stand construction specialists, administration experts, advertisers and PR professionals from industry, to be given the necessary platform to present oneself to the market and the market environment is a job in itself for me! Incidentally: After I started as Project Manager of the industry trade fair AMB, it wasn't long before I took over responsibility for O&S. Thanks to my strong team and the good development opportunities at Messe Stuttgart, I have been working as Team Director for the division "Production Technology" since 2010. This proves how dynamic the 'trade fair' environment and the company of Messe Stuttgart are."  

    Gunnar Mey, Department Director

  • "I came across Landesmesse Stuttgart in my search for new professional challenges. Here, firstly I found a job which involves my profession as an event technician with its diverse requirements and secondly offered me new challenges as well as opportunities for my professional career. The variety of tasks together with knowledge from various technical professions form a unique mix. My area of responsibility at Landesmesse Stuttgart lies in the technical field. Here I am responsible for various trade fair projects, whereby I am the contact partner for questions on safety and stand construction. I check the feasibility of the various requests of the exhibitors and develop solutions together with the trade fair constructors. The safety and smooth running of the trade fairs are always to the fore. That's why the issuing of stand construction permits is an important part of my work in order to get involved in the planning of trade fair constructors at an early stage. I have found an excellent employer in Landesmesse Stuttgart, who enables me to carry out demanding and diverse tasks. In addition, numerous further training programmes are supported and promoted." 

    Steffen Heerdegen, Technician

  • "My name is Markus Bauer. On 1 September 2011 I started my training to become an Event Management Assistant at Messe Stuttgart GmbH. Before starting my traineeship I attended the business secondary school in Böblingen. The training for an Event Management Assistant lasts 3 years and includes practical and theoretical elements. I complete the theoretical part of my training in block classes at the Event Academy in Baden-Baden. For the practical side I rotate between the various departments of Messe Stuttgart. From Public Trade Fairs to Protocols, the ICS, Guest Events, to the Technology Department and to the Personnel Department. I am currently working in the Lifestyle and Leisure Team, where I have already received lots of responsibility. Since September I have supported the ANIMAL trade fair and the International Mineral and Fossil Exchange. At the moment I am on the CMT team and am learning lots of new and interesting things. I am optimistic about the future as I have lots of fun in my job. If someone has fun organising things and can work well in a team, then he/she should take a closer look at this job."  

    Markus Bauer, Trainee Event Management Assistant

  • "After I completed my studies as an industrial clerk, I worked for a few months in the HR department of an industrial company and then decided to study economics at the University of Hohenheim. My first contact with Messe Stuttgart was during my course of studies as a student assistant at different trade fairs and events of Messe Stuttgart. It was fascinating to see how the halls are filled with the exhibition stands during the construction period and filled with people during the event. I quickly became aware of the amount of organisation that is involved behind the scenes of the trade fairs and events. These experiences aroused my interest in Messe Stuttgart as an employer. I wanted to take a look behind the scenes, so I applied to Messe Stuttgart and was offered the opportunity to join the company as HR Administrator. The new colleagues were very friendly and welcomed me on board and I settled in within a relatively short space of time. I had the opportunity to work on a changeover of the HR software. Here I quickly had to assume responsibility and actively get involved in developing new processes. My duties have constantly further developed during my time here and were very diverse. I received support and further training through many training measures. After 1.5 years I now have the chance to further develop myself on a professional level and become a HR officer. I am responsible for one of our two business segments in all topics relating to personnel recruitment and support. The working day is always exciting with the many bigger and smaller details and I am constantly facing new challenges. I am delighted that there are such opportunities for me here at Messe Stuttgart."

    Mareike Rein, HR Officer