Master Plan: How it goes on with the fairgrounds

Messe Stuttgart does not want to rest on the previous successful development, but also wants to further invest in its infrastructure in the future. For this a master plan was developed that shows what is basically possible on the grounds. The shareholders of Messe Stuttgart have given the green light for these plans. "For all construction project plans we always have to bear in mind the overall contexts on the grounds. The area is restricted and the functionality must be ensured", explained Ulrich Kromer.

There is a need at different sites: New parking spaces must be built, service providers need more space (warehouse and office), the fire department needs a new home, the traffic situation on the L 1192 (incl. entrance at Gate 1) also needs to be optimised.

Solutions have been found to cover these requirements, which are to be introduced in various phases. Service buildings are to be erected to the north of the grounds, with spaces for service providers, logistics and the fire department. Offices on the upper levels are also planned. A P40 car park is to be built in a spindle design "behind" the Bosch car park, a P1 car park "covers" the S-Bahn line. This could create 1,500 additional parking spaces. The L1192 is also to be extended to five lanes (currently three). Modern traffic management systems are installed on the A8 and the access ramp from the A1 to Gate 1 is also to be extended by one lane.