Standard Halls (Halls 3-9)

Each of the exhibition halls offers 10,500 m² of hall space, two loading areas, VIP parking spaces and four meeting rooms, each with an area of 24 m². All halls have natural light and can be darkened, if required. Trucks drive under the trade fair grounds from north to south, supplying all halls during trade fairs.

Halls 5 and 6 have a unique feature. Both halls have a small gallery with an area of some 100 m² on the upper floor. This area can be used flexibly.

Key facts
Standard Halls (Halls 3-9)

Hall floor space:
10,500 square meters


150x70 m


attached to each hall are 4 meeting rooms of 24 square meters each

Impressions of the Standard Halls (Halls 3-9)