Modular stand system STYLE

Basic equipment:

  • M&S wall panel system, silver, height 250 cm
  • Wall panels light grey, plastic-coated, height 250 cm
  • Framework RUCK, aluminium, height up to 350 cm
  • Spotlights mounted to Ruck beam system, 1 spotlight for every 3 m² stand area
  • Lettering in standard typeface (Helvetica semibold, black) on graphic boards in RUCK beam system at the front of the stand on sides open to aisle
  • Carpet (rib weave) in colour anthracite or other standard colour

Additional equipment for complete version STYLE Extra:

  • 2 m² cabin, lockable
  • 1 Table ANGELO, white
  • 4 Bar stools YPSILON, white