Delivery & Stand set-up/dismantling


For reasons of liability, Messe Stuttgart staff are not permitted to accept any post or parcels. It is possible, however, to accept items through exhibitors at the stand or via the logistics company Schenker on the trade fair grounds.

Deliveries to Messe Stuttgart (PDF, 82 KB)

Overview Access, loading and unloading (PDF, 686 KB)

Stand set-up and dismantling times

Our events have individual times for stand set-up and dismantling. For details please refer to the exhibitor newsletter or the website of the respective event (For Exhibitors/At a glance). Important: Children are not allowed on the trade fair grounds during set-up and dismantling.

Access to the trade fair site is granted daily according to the stand set-up and dismantling timetable. For details please see the page “Access regulations“ of the „At a glance“ flyer.

It is generally not allowed  to drive into the halls.

Access regulations

The length of stay for vehicles on the premises is limited:

Set-up and dismantling:

  • Cars: 1 hour
  • Cars with trailer / (small) vans: 2 hours
  • Trucks: 3 hours

Exhibition period *:

  • Cars: 0,5 hours
  • Cars with trailer / (small) vans: 0,5 hours
  • Trucks: 0,5 hours