VisiFair explained in detail: The guide


VisiFair is Messe Stuttgart's new digital logistics tool. The system balances out logistics traffic during set-up and dismantling. Using the online booking platform, you can book a time slot for your truck in advance. The advantage: with the system you have more planning security and can prevent unforeseen traffic around the grounds of Messe Stuttgart!

Please note that access to the trade fair grounds for set-up and dismantling is now only possible with the fee-based registration and booking of a loading zone via VisiFair.
If you have any questions about VisiFair, please contact:

Telephone+49 711 939 64382*
E-mail: support(at)
*(Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00)

For general information about on-site logistics, please call the Central Security Office (Hauptwache): +049 711 18560 3500


To book a free time slot, you need to register on the following website:

To register, please enter the company address, an e-mail-address,  password and a mobile phone number.  

After you have registered successfully, you will receive an e-mail as confirmation. You can now log in to VisiFair using the stored e-mail address and the password you have set.

To activate the booking process, select the desired event using the event code provided by the project management or the organizer of the trade fair.

Costs and booking process

VisiFair gives you all the information at a glance. The system stores the set-up and dismantling times of the respective event as well as the available loading zones.
To book a slot, please select the vehicle category.

Vehicle categories Slot duration / maximum length of stay
 Set-up and Dismantling Price
Cars (up to 6 m length) 1 hour€ 15.00
Commercial vehicles short (up to 8 m length) 2 hours€ 30.00
Commercial vehicles medium (up to 12 m length) 2 hours€ 30.00
Commercial vehicles long (max. 20 m length) 3 hours€ 45.00

All prices quoted are subject to the statutory VAT valid at this time (according to the relevant version of the Value Added Tax Act)
Prices as of Nov 2023 (Subject to change)

Please provide the following information when booking:

  • Official number plate of the vehicle
  • The driver's mobile phone number
  • The driver's language (10 languages available)
  • Exhibition hall(s)
  • Logistics service requested (yes/no),
    if yes, the logistics service must be explicitly booked with service partner Schenker Deutschland AG via the service portal
  • Desired date and time

VisiFair offers the advantage of digital control of the capacities available in the loading bays and time windows (slots). This means: You will receive the desired slot if free areas are available. This procedure will prevent long waiting times and heavy traffic around the trade fair grounds on set-up and dismantling days.

After the booking has successfully been made, you will receive your entry ticket. All booking data is visible on this ticket. It also contains the QR code required for entry and a route to the booked loading zone. 

VisiFair provides flexibility in the booking process. The booking can also be made immediately even without driver data and license plate information. In that case, the system generates a reservation voucher. This can be changed or completed at a later date (when all details are available).

Messe Stuttgart provides PCs at the Check-in (truck pool), where changes can also be made on site.

Payment process

In VisiFair, payment is possible with Visa and Mastercard credit cards and PayPal.

Entry and exit

The entry ticket, in digital or in paper form, must be shown for entry and exit of the premises.

  • Entry
     At GATE 2, a pre-registration (scan of the QR code) is carried out by the security personnel employed. Before entering the booked loading zone, the entry ticket is scanned again at the TLP (separation loading zone parking lot). This scan starts the loading or unloading time assigned to the vehicle.
  • Exit
     15 minutes before the end of the booked time slot, the system sends a reminder text message to the stored mobile phone number, with a request to leave the loading zone in time. When leaving the loading zone, the entry ticket is scanned again. This completes the loading and unloading process. The exit from the trade fair grounds is via GATE 1.
  • Re-entry into the loading zone
     After the booked time has expired, a re-booking is required for each entry and exit.

Parking after loading or unloading

After exiting the respective loading zone, free parking is available within the exhibition grounds for temporary parking (until 20.00). The truck pool in front of GATE 1 and GATE 2 is not available as a parking space during set-up and dismantling operations. For truck parking during the event, please contact the Central Security Office (Hauptwache) staff.

Changes / Cancellations

Each booking can be changed free of charge until the start of the booked time slot, subject to availability. If booked time slots are not used, no reimbursement will be made. The slots will then expire.

Further information

Please note that the entry and exit are monitored by Messe Stuttgart. If the booked time of the loading zones has expired, Messe Stuttgart reserves the right to tow the vehicle for a fee.