VisiFair FAQ

VisiFair is an online booking platform that was developed explicitly for trade fairs. With the help of VisiFair, service and forwarding companies can book online slots for the entry and exit days of events at Messe Stuttgart. Forklift trucks can also be scheduled.

The system makes it possible to digitally coordinate traffic on set-up and dismantling days. High traffic volumes can be better controlled with VisiFair to avoid congestion on the public road network around the trade fair grounds. This also applies to internal traffic and process improvements. VisiFair makes it easier to coordinate unloading times and the scheduling of forklift trucks. In addition, vehicle and personnel deployment is much easier for customers to plan.

Each event is created individually in VisiFair by Messe Stuttgart. The associated loading zones are activated according to hall use and the corresponding set-up and dismantling times are defined.

VisiFair digitally maps the entire trade fair grounds with all loading and unloading zones. The loading zones are marked with logistical capacities according to their size. The desired loading zone and time period can be selected in the portal for the respective event.

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To book a time slot, you must first register on the website You can then use this access data to log into the system and book slots for the respective event.

The following information must be entered when booking:

  • Company address
  • Password
  • E-mail address
  • Cell phone number of the driver
  • License plate number of the vehicle
  • Language of the driver (ten languages available)
  • Exhibition hall
  • Desired loading zone (east or west)
  • Logistics service required (yes/no)
    If yes, the logistics service must be booked separately with the service partner Schenker Deutschland AG
  • Desired date and time

If a booking is incomplete, e.g. if information on the license plate number or the driver is missing, a reservation voucher will be created and sent to you and you will be asked to complete the data. The reservation voucher does not entitle you to enter the trade fair grounds. For this, an entry ticket is required.

Note: Even if details such as the license plate number or the driver's cell phone number are not available yet at the time of booking, the booking can already be made in the system.

After a successful booking, an entry ticket is automatically generated and sent. All booking details are visible on this ticket. It also contains directions to the booked loading zone and a QR code. This is required for entry. The QR code on the entry ticket always shows the current status of the booked slot. If the booking is completed or changed at a later date (e.g. by adding the license plate number), the QR code is still valid as an entry ticket.

Basically, the following applies: The password is set at the beginning of the booking and is also required for all functions in VisiFair after the booking. If the password has been forgotten, a new password can be generated using the "Forgot password" function.

After registration, a confirmation link is sent to the e-mail address provided. This must be activated in order to complete the registration process.

VisiFair manages the availability of areas and slots. If the desired slot is already occupied, another time slot must be booked.

Depending on the logistical requirements, several slots can be booked on different days.

A slot can also be booked on site. However, it cannot be guaranteed that suitable slots will still be available. Early booking is therefore recommended. If there is no free slot available, you should contact the check-in desk. The staff on site will then help you.

In this case, you should also contact the check-in staff, who will be able to help you. This can result in waiting times of two to three hours.

In future, a time slot must be booked via VisiFair for a fee for entering on the set-up and dismantling days. In VisiFair, payment is possible by credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and Paypal.

The vehicle categories and prices are as follows:

Vehicle categories Slot duration / maximum length of stay
 Set-up and Dismantling Price
Cars (up to 6 m length) 1 hour€ 15.00
Commercial vehicles short (up to 8 m length) 2 hours€ 30.00
Commercial vehicles medium (up to 12 m length) 2 hours€ 30.00
Commercial vehicles long (max. 20 m length) 3 hours€ 45.00

All prices quoted are subject to the statutory VAT valid at this time (according to the relevant version of the Value Added Tax Act)
Prices as of Nov 2023 (Subject to change)

For the trade fairs CMT, MEDIZIN/TheraPro and the spring trade fairs in spring 2024, the deposit regulations will still be used.

The entry ticket (digital or printed) must be presented to enter and exit the trade fair grounds. A pre-registration is carried out by the security staff at GATE 2 by scanning the QR code. Before entering the booked loading zone, the entry ticket is scanned again at the TLP (separation of loading zone and parking lot). With this scan the loading and unloading time allocated to the vehicle begins.

No, the entry ticket does not entitle the holder to park during events.

For questions concerning the booking process, please contact the VisiFair hotline. For questions regarding entering the trade fair grounds, the Traffic & Security dept.  or the Main Security Office.

In VisiFair, several destinations (loading bays) can be selected in one time slot via the  Multistop function.

It is not possible to extend time slots. If more time is required for loading or unloading, a new slot must be booked.

In order to comply with the booking periods, entering and exiting the Messe Stuttgart venue is monitored by VisiFair. 15 minutes before the booked slot expires, the system sends a reminder text message to the stored mobile phone number. If the booked loading zone is not vacated, Messe Stuttgart reserves the right to tow the vehicle away at a fee.

The time slot is based on the size of the vehicle and is fixed. The length of the slots cannot be changed, unused time is forfeited.

The data can be changed in the VisiFair booking system at any time. In the case of short-term changes, the adjustment can also be made on site at the Check-in.

Every booking can be changed free of charge up to the start of the booked time slot, subject to availability. If a booked slot is not used, no refund will be made.

If the vehicle arrives too early, it must wait in the truck pool until the booked slot begins. If the vehicle arrives after the booked slot has run out, the slot expires. Alternatively, the slot can be rebooked if it is foreseeable that the slot time cannot be met.

Registration can take place at the Check-in (truck pool). PCs are provided for this purpose.

Ten languages are available. These are: Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish.

The need for lifting equipment can be registered when booking the time slot, depending on availability. It is then noted in the system that a forklift truck is required for unloading. However, the logistics service must be booked separately with the logistics service provider via the SMS portal.  

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When leaving the loading zone, the entry ticket is scanned again. This completes the loading or unloading process. Exiting takes place via GATE 1. After the booked time slot has expired, a new booking is required for each entry. During set-up and dismantling, the vehicle may park on the site (P30-P32) after leaving the loading zone and being scanned at the TLP.

The vehicle will be scanned when it finally leaves the trade fair grounds.