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The 20th eltefa convinces from start to finish

Superb visitor quality as unique selling point / Continuing attraction for the industry in southern Germany

"Successful première of an idea", was how the first eltefa was described in the final report in 1981. The 20th trade fair for electrical engineering and electronics more than confirmed its position as the most important industry event in the uneven years: "eltefa was a success story from the outset, it convinced again at the anniversary event with extraordinary satisfaction among the 485 exhibitors and around 23,000 visitors", says Ulrich Kromer, President / CEO of Messe Stuttgart. The wealth of ideas of the organisers and partners, as well as the consistent focus on topics that move the industry, are the pillars of success, reports Thomas Bürkle, President of the Baden-Württemberg Association of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: "At eltefa everyone pulls together. It characterises the success of the trade fair that we are constantly evolving and therefore always up to speed."

Optimised hall concept launched

The positioning of the themes industrial technology, switchgear construction, network and industrial technology in the Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10) was a complete success: With 35% of the visitors from industry, the proportion increased by 6% compared to the previous event. The Solutions Park and the Switchgear Construction Forum are set for 2021. Lighting systems also got more space in its own hall, with 40% the topic is one of the top 3 of visitors' interest. The architects' day AID Architects and Engineers in Dialogue took place for the first time directly at the trade fair and was very well received. Electrical installation technology and energy engineering were also popular among the visitors, the exhibitor offering meets the right visitors here from handicrafts (43%), authorities (14%) and trade (7%). The topic of electric mobility received a large platform in the "E-Street" on over 1,200 square metres. The interest in the special show and affiliated forum was very high, which clearly reflects the relevance and need for information on the topic. And the jam-packed accompanying programme also provided the right incentives for visitors with the e-house, the special show on Smart Home, the innovation forum and the electrical system planners' day. The young talent in the industry also frequently obtained information from the exhibitors, especially on new technologies and solutions.

Visitor quality impresses the exhibitors

eltefa is undoubtedly the industry get-together in southern Germany with 84% of visitors hailing from Baden-Württemberg. Despite the very high utilisation rate of the companies, the 20th eltefa was able to significantly expand its catchment area: 38% (2017: 34%) of visitors travelled over 100 km to attend the event in Stuttgart. Positive factors are the proportion of visitors from Bavaria (8%) and Rhineland-Palatinate (4%). The quality of visitors is also very encouraging because 80% are involved in purchasing decisions and 57% want to invest in the next six months. Rainer Rommel, board member of the German Association of Electrical Wholesalers (VEG) e.V., can confirm the exceptional visitor quality in Stuttgart: "The exhibitors are giving me very positive feedback, both in terms of the frequency and interest of the visitors. The wholesalers in Baden-Württemberg are fully behind eltefa!" With a recommendation rate of 86% from the visitors and an overall rating of 1.9, the prospects for the future are altogether positive.

Raising awareness of companies for security issues

The topic of security occupied many conversations throughout the trade fair: With increasing networking, ongoing digitisation and growing data volumes in the Smart Home/Smart Building, it will also remain important in the future. In order to increase companies' awareness of its significance, the Security Day with presentation of the Baden-Württemberg Security Award is now a regular feature of eltefa. The company ELOCK2 – Security Systems Sancak e. K. received the 2019 Baden-Württemberg Security Award on 21 March for a smart digital cylinder lock. State Secretary Julian Würtenberger presented the award on behalf of the Minister for Digitisation and the Interior Thomas Strobl, as well as the Minister for Economic Affairs Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.

eltefa 2021: Once-off postponement to April

The next eltefa will take place from 21 - 23 April 2021, four weeks later than previous events. This postponement of the trade fair to April is a once-off only. From 2023 it will return to its normal date in the second half of March.

Exhibitor testimonials:

Jörg Scholl, Sales Manager, Electrical Engineering, dataTec AG: The increase in industrial clients at our stand was significant, the catchment area here also extended beyond Baden-Württemberg as far as Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. Hall 10 is superb, the concept with the new hall structure paid off! We are also impressed with the organisation, eltefa is simply the best.

Andreas Müller, Southwest Regional Manager, Hager Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH and Co. KG: We have been at eltefa right from the very start, it is the leading trade fair for us.

The flow of visitors is really high and also the time the visitors spend at the trade fair is very impressive. The visitors who we want to see come and I am delighted that we had significantly more electrical system planners at our stand this time round.

Jens-Uwe Groll, Sales Manager, ALBRECHT JUNG GmbH & Co. KG: We are very happy, especially with the quality of the visitors. They asked us question after question at the stand, this is particularly impressive, so typical of Baden-Württemberg. eltefa 2019 was wonderful, thank you for the excellent organisation.

Marc Hümbert, Regional Sales Manager, PHOENIX CONTACT Deutschland GmbH:

For us, eltefa is the most important regional trade fair! We had a continuous flow of visitors at the stand with very well-informed visitors – and this was the case from morning to the evening. The visitors were interested in our classic offer such as the push-in connection technology, printing, tool and overvoltage protective equipment Trabtech, but also the topics of automation and network technology. For this very reason eltefa is an important event here in southern Germany!

Siegfried Schuler, National Sales Manager, RIDI Leuchten GmbH: For us, eltefa is always a home game. Placing lighting systems in its own hall, this was very well received, as confirmed in our many conversations. Our customers know that we are here and find us directly. The frequency and value of the contacts are very good, we are delighted with the further development of the topic of light at eltefa!

Oliver Born, Sales and Marketing Manager, DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH + Co. KG: eltefa is simply refreshing, we were able to reach all our target groups. The rush of visitors was really great and this was the case all day long until the trade fair finished, the visitors stayed for a long time at the stand. The invitation management also works very well and the overall trade fair concept, the character of the trade fair is just right.

Johannes Klinge, Sales Manager EGH, WALTHER-WERKE Ferdinand Walther GmbH: The concept of eltefa is an absolute success! The format of the special show on electric mobility was unlike at any other regional trade fair. eltefa is exemplary in this regard, to give this exciting topic such space, huge praise here! We were very happy with the constant flow of visitors throughout the day, we were kept busy all the time. Overall, for us eltefa is by far a special place!

Lutz Lücke, Sales Manager, Electronics, BKS GmbH: This is our second time here at eltefa following our début in 2017, the success of our participation is confirmed again. The quantity and above all quality of the visitors are superb, we enjoyed some great conversations. For us, new target groups emerged as we concentrate more on electronic security systems and we were able to acquire new contacts here.

Frank Lamontagne, Sales Manager, BRUMBERG Leuchten GmbH & Co. KG: We are drawing a very positive conclusion from eltefa! Doubling our stand size really paid off! We are fully satisfied and can only congratulate the trade fair on the top position it has managed to achieve.

Stefan Heil, Head of the Business Unit Systems Engineering, Omexom GA Süd GmbH: eltefa is almost like our in-house exhibition per se. As a service provider for energy supply technology, we were able to enjoy Hall 10 for the first time, it's a perfect match. The visitors know where they need to go, the changeover of the concept paid off! The flow of visitors was very constant throughout the day, typical of eltefa. This is where eltefa stands out from other trade fairs. The visitors know what they want, come with a specific problem. We are thoroughly satisfied with eltefa 2019!

Larine Heimes, Marketing & Corporate Communication, MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co.KG: eltefa is a superb trade fair, with very high-quality conversations. Also the interest from trainees and apprentices is very high and the breakfast morning for foremen was very well received. We are very happy!



ELT_19_W_172: Well-attended trade fair halls and keen visitors impressed the exhibitors.

ELT_19_W_369: The focus on switch cabinet construction was well received by the visitors, 35 percent of the visitors are interested in this area in particular.

ELT_19_W_355: Electric mobility has the right of way at eltefa: The new special show convinced with its information offer and product portfolio.

ELT_19_Pro_100: Winner of the 2019 Security Award: ELOCK2 – Security Systems Sancak e. K. from Deizisau, Faruk Sancak and Ahmet Sancak with State Secretary Julian Würtenberger

ELT_19_Pro_033: Minister President Winfried Kretschmann opened the 20th eltefa.

ELT_19_Pro_505: The architects' day AID Architects and Engineers in Dialogue took place for the first time directly at the trade fair and was very well received.

All press releases and images for eltefa 2019 can be found online at www.eltefa.de/pressematerial 

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