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ToolKid Tools for Kids & ToolKid.Academy. A great way to teach engineering!


ToolKid tools are developed by Edge, a Dutch company, now ToolKid Holding BV. EDGE means high-quality professional hand tools for children. ToolKid came about through practical experience. The essential inspiration for the project came from the fact that primary-school teachers had a great need for tools that were both ergonomic and safe for use in the highly important area of industrial arts instruction for young children. From the standpoint of child development, it is of primary importance to stimulate children’s creativity and motor functions, to teach them how to work with tools and to narrow the gap between this level and possible subsequent vocational training. By looking through the eyes of a child, we see the possible barriers keeping them from ‘doing it themselves’ (DIY). ToolKid aims to remove all these barriers by providing kids with easy, appealing and safe tools to help them DIY on their own. So what makes ToolKid different? The ergonomic design, the weight and the size: these are tools especially geared to children, that are easily manageable and in line with their physical and motor development. ToolKid tools also are the only tools that meet the strict European safety standard for toys (Toy Safety Directive2009/48/EC). According to ToolKid technical education is imperative. As the world we live in grows more complex in technology almost all products have become easily accessible. Because of this easy access and the small cost, kids that are born into this age completely lack feeling with how stuff is made. That is, if they aren’t taught differently! In developing ToolKid, thorough account was taken of everyday educational reality, and simplifying the work of teachers and supervisors was an important objective. If children are able to work independently and in safety, more children can in good conscience be assigned to one supervisor, who is in turn enabled to focus more of his attention on giving more content to lessons. With ToolKid it is easy for a teacher to supervise a group of 10 – 15 children at the same time using the tools whilst working on their project. Because of numerous requests ToolKid now offers an additional educational program, a makerspace for children and training for teachers. This program is being introduced at Didacta 2017. The ToolKid Club Introducing our brand new makerspace: The ToolKid club. Resulting from the idea to connect practical handwork to digital media, ToolKid aims to open the eyes of a child to the makeability of the world around us. “Our desire is to connect practical, technical education to a world of digital media, to tear down the wall between the two. “ This online platform offers kids between 5-12 years old a safe place to learn, create and share. The makerspace is highly secure and easy to use for them. Building dreams has never been easier! The ToolKid Club offers: A new construction project every month Monthly handouts for teachers and mentors that dive deeper into the theme of the project, as well as give further instructions for assisting and tracking the progress your students make. 8 instruction video’s to show you how to use the tools in the ToolKid toolbox. The Tips&Tricks Treasure Chest...this is the place to learn new skills and nifty tricks, like how to make a mitre or a wood joint! A chat feature for kids to ask the ToolKid team questions about their project. A chat feature for sharing experiences with each other. A feature to upload and share pictures of project results and self-invented designs. Our safe and easy tools and instructions for kids will give them a great base for ‘DIY-ing’, but it is also up to the teacher or supervisor to actually trust their students to work independently. Though it can be quite a step at first, we want to encourage everyone working with kids to take this step of trust and let the results speak for themselves! The joy and freedom this gives students, will help them tremendously in their development and will build their autonomy like nothing else. The ToolKid Teachers Training In addition to our removing barriers for kids to start discovering and trusting in their own abilities, we have developed a training program to achieve a similar goal for teachers: the ToolKid Teachers Training. Why this training? In education and out-of-school care we’ve seen a rising attention and need for technical education. Many teachers are in fact very open to give this kind of education, but are no ‘handyman’ themselves or very familiar with the subject. And we simply can’t give away something we haven’t received ourselves first, can we? That’s why by this training we want to help remove all barriers to start teaching kids with confidence. In this program we offer you all the tools you need, to learn both by doing and by teaching.

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    didacta 2020: PM Nr. 2

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