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Concepts for inspirational learning worlds VS at didacta 2017


VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken will be present at didacta 2017 with its ideas for "Inspirational Learning Worlds". From 14th to 18th February, this leading supplier of school furniture and equipment will demonstrate the link between room and media concepts in the schools of the future at its two trade fair stands. Room solutions that meet the multifaceted demands of teaching At the VS stand in Hall 8/A12, the focus will be placed on equipment concepts that turn schools into all-embracing learning, working and living environments for students and teachers. Using the VS variable furniture solutions, it is an easy task to design different learning worlds within one and the same space. The actual arrangement depends crucially on the way information is communicated. Depending on the situation, this makes it possible to create spaces for shared or individual, collaborative or differentiated, teacher-centered or self-driven learning. The second focus of attention, which VS will present in Hall 10/E10: Room solutions for learning, teaching and working with digital media. As a system supplier, the company offers a comprehensive package of media and services that respond to a range of educational and methodological demands. The VS portfolio includes displays and interactive boards, a full range of equipment for tablet classes and teacher workstations, as well as WLAN installations and even integrated systems. Visitors to the trade fair will also learn how this technology can be put to effective use in practice and integrated in the room concept. VS's experts will be available to answer all questions relating to planning and implementation and help schools get the very best out of the possibilities the digital world offers. And this year, once again, there will be a combination of ergonomics and fun to take away. At the "Hokki Original" sales stand in Hall 8/B01, the active stool will be available at a special trade fair price. VS innovations at didacta 2017 Level76 – the chair for multi-year eye-level teaching. Thanks to a mechanism specially developed by VS, the height-adjustable foot support can be moved to the right position in moments. The cantilevered frame and air-cushioned plastic seating shell allow students and teachers to sit comfortably and at eye level, whatever their height. NF – a lightweight, modern, easily combined chair with plastic seat shell available in many colors. As a stackable four-legged chair, it is ideal for canteen and main hall use, whereas the cantilevered version is perfect for teaching and meetings, and the height-adjustable work chair with 3D tilt mechanism permits active, ergonomic sitting postures. TriUnion ­– the mobile, triangular table for spontaneous meetings and group work. The all-round foot ring at two heights makes stand-up work particularly comfortable. The table is equipped with rollers so that it can be moved out of the way quickly to save space when it is not required. And it can be moved back again just as quickly as soon as it is needed. VS Learning Office - a combination of individual workplaces with personal storage spaces. Here, a number of different students can concentrate on their work undisturbed. Thanks to the many different possible arrangements, learning offices can be integrated in practically any room – without taking up very much space. A variant of the learning office is also available for teachers' work rooms. Designed by experts, proven in practice VS develops its media and room concepts in cooperation with experts with hands-on experience of the educational, pedagogical and school worlds. These concepts are then developed to fruition in real school environments where every detail is perfected in close collaboration with VS's expert consultants and the products are tailored to meet the specific constraints, demands and needs. Visit Stuttgart to discover how VS turns classrooms into inspirational learning worlds that provide the perfect setting for inspiring teaching. We're looking forward to seeing you! To download our didacta press releases and photos: VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken GmbH & Co. KG is Germany's leading manufacturer of school furniture and is present worldwide. The family-run company is also successful as a supplier of fittings for office buildings and construction projects. VS has been developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment and media solutions for the knowledge society for 115 years: for schools and universities, administrations and ministries, companies and corporations. Its head office and sole production site is located in Tauberbischofsheim in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It also has subsidiaries and branches in Europe, the USA and the Near East. With a workforce of 1,200 employees, the VS Group achieves annual sales of more than 176 million euros.

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